Communication Tips For Small Business Management

by / Wednesday, 03 September 2014 / Published in Productive Business Tips

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Management is a skill, and a skill that primarily hinges around the ability to communicate. Without clear communications, tasks cannot be expected to be reliably completed in the way that they should be, and the less that your employees understand what you are trying to get across, the more likely that seemingly simple projects will get protracted into much longer, arduous ones. Communication is not only a business skill, it is also a life skill that can have benefits for business owners whether they are in the office or off duty. Since communications are such an elementary part of our everyday lives, it can sometimes seem as if certain people are good at them and some people just aren’t, but in reality, like most skills the more you put in to working on it the better it gets.

Communication is both verbal and written; ignore one side of the equation to your own detriment. Being a strong writer is an amazingly helpful skill that comes in handy in tasks as varied as creating content for an “About Us” page to thanking a business partner for a job well done. Verbal communication is needed for relationship building, communicating core concepts face to face, and for mastering the art of the compromise. When you work on your communication skills, remember that you should ideally strike a strong balance between both written and verbal communications in order to be as effective as possible. While one or the other may feel more natural, if you only work on a single form of communication and neglect the one you feel less confident in, you will find many situations arise where you are forced to use your less preferred method anyway. Being well rounded is in your best interest, even if at first it feels unnatural.

What are some ways that you can improve your communication ability? When it comes to actually implementing strategies for improving your communication ability, there are many things that business owners can do depending on what part of their communication strategies need the most work. One way that business owners can begin to strengthen the base of their core communication ability is through taking the time to read. When you read, you are challenging yourself to learn new information and experience different forms of expression through sentence structure and vocabulary. Apart from that, practicing your public speaking in your free time can be done in a creative way by learning a classic monologue, such as the famous, “to be or not to be” monologue from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The difficult sentence structure and vocabulary can help you articulate when spoken out loud, and as a bonus, it is an impressive trick to be able to launch into a soliloquy at the drop of a hat. More directly related communications practice can be obtained by volunteering as a speaker at business events, writing a newsletter or private blog for your thoughts, meeting face to face with managers on a regular basis and not being afraid to put yourself out there on the page and in person.

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