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The most visible collateral damage in trucking is the aftermath of a crash, where roads, vehicles, and their occupants can be catastrophically destroyed. However, the driving forces behind this kind of an accident account for a much more subtle and far reaching type of problem. Driver health has been an increasingly topical issue, with new regulations in place mandating more rest periods for drivers with the rationale being that chronic driver fatigue, sleep apnea and over consumption of nutritionally poor foods and caffeine are leading causes in many of the fatal crashes that occur each year. In the aftermath of these regulations, many drivers are reporting dissatisfaction with the way that their now mandated rest periods affect their schedules and the number of billable miles they can claim. In particular, driving at night, when traffic is lightest, is now much more difficult as drivers are required to get a good night’s  sleep. Aside from effecting the schedules of drivers, the new regulations in conjunction with educational programs aim to educate drivers on ways that they can incorporate more healthy habits into their day to day grind. During National Truck Driver Appreciation Weektruck drivers will be able to attend health fairs around the nation with free classes aimed at educating drivers on how to make healthy choices that will keep them feeling their best as well as driving the safest that they can. These events will be sponsored by the TCA, and will also feature “celebrity walks” where truckers can meet industry affiliated celebrities and participate with them in half and one mile walks.

There is no doubt that trucking and logistics is a vital industry, the US needs truckers to keep its economic infrastructure going smoothly. Because of this, there is more and more focus being put on driver health and safety. Right now, there are growing pains as drivers reject initiatives that cut down the amount of money they are allowed to earn per day, and a lack of real enforcement gives incentives to rule breaking. Hopefully, more health awareness coupled with lawmaking that is sensitive to driver needs will allow the creation of programs that will protect drivers salaries and keep roads safe. Logistics business owners are being increasingly furnished with technology options that can allow them to better monitor conditions inside cabs. Likewise, they are now able to provide better time saving technologies to their drivers, allowing them to use their shifts as productively as possible. For logistics small business owners who would like to finance updated technology, acquisition of vehicles or the hiring of new personnel, learning more about commercial trucking financing from Horizon Business Funding is a great place to start.

Photo Credit to Tobias on Flickr

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