While numbers have improved over the years relating to trucking accidents, the Federal government recently loaned truckers more break time in new regulations that have just gone into effect. The vast majority of truckers are against the mandated break time, saying that the down time cuts down on the number of paid hours they can book and loans a new threat to their livelihood. The working week for drivers has been reduced from 80 hours to 72 hours, with new mandated rest periods. The point of the legislation is to reduce driver fatigue,  which is backed by scientific research as being one of the main contributors to the 4000 truck crashes that occur each year in the US. However, with crash numbers already going down, drivers are saying these measures are redundant. Furthermore, drivers claim that the reduced hours will increase domestic shipping costs and congestion on roads. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the researchers who have compiled the data behind the legislation

With end of the month in site, retail stores across america have put out  a patriotic assortment of items to loan some holiday spirit to their storefronts. Everything is being rolled out in red white and blue. Here at Horizon Business Funding, we’re also excited, and we’ve decided to loan a couple links to our readers to help them get ready for next month’s festivities. Most of the items for these fun ideas can be found at your local retailers. If you like to bake, try making a delicious red, white and blue cheesecake. Those with less cooking skills can try their hand at this simple recipe for red, white and blue strawberries.  Another beloved tradition that loans retailers increased business on  the Fourth is the sale of fireworks. Fireworks are fun of course, but be sure you comply with local laws governing their sale and use.  Lastly, you can loan a minute to check out a list of links for red, white and blue everything. If you use it

According to an article in the Sacramento Bee, a California newspaper, not all “free” credit reports are actually free. Many websites claiming to offer such services lure unsuspecting users in with the reports but trick them into paying for other costly services. Personal finance columnist Claudia Buck writes, “In some cases, the “free” product requires that you provide a credit card number, which is used to enroll you in a trial membership for various credit monitoring services. If you don’t cancel during the trial period, you could unwittingly be agreeing to let the company charge fees to your credit card.” She explains that annnualcreditreport.com is the only site authorized to provide the reports we are all entitled each year. Others, such as creditkarma.com give free estimates. For examples of bad “free” credit reports, more this issue and ways to avoid it click here.

Throughout the month of June The Horizon Business Funding Blog will loan it’s pages to the  wedding industry. This will be in addition to our usual coverage of the credit industry, personal credit and bad credit business loans.  June is known as the most popular month of the year for weddings. But why? A San Francisco Examiner article from June 2009 loans a few potential reasons. My favorite, “dates back to the 15th and 16th centuries. During that period in history, many western European cultures only bathed once a year (I know, perish the thought). The month of May was the designated ‘bath month’ and in June (when everyone was ostensibly fresh and clean) a number of festivals and events were held, including weddings.” Whatever the reason their is big money behind getting brides and grooms ready for and through the big day. A few facts to consider: According to The Wedding Report, there have been 140 million weddings in the United States since 1945 Over $50 billion are

Loaning a look at the business of BBQ

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For some people warm weather means one thing: barbecue. The Wall Street Journal weighed in on the culinary favorite last weekend calling for a shake-up. In “The New Barbecue” Josh Ozersky wrote, “Don’t get me wrong—barbecue is our great American food, a high art attained through years of patient training by men as single-minded as samurai. But it has also become stagnant and so dogmatic that many pit masters haven’t changed their recipes or routines in decades. “ Debate surround BBQ is not new. The National Barbecue News calls itself the “world’s number one publication dedicated to the sport of barbecue.” In 2004 discussion forum on starting your own BBQ business a professional notes the difficulties, “What is the first things to do? Who do you go to for help on the legal aspects? Are there any restrictions to what you can cook, or license needed? There are more questions about getting started than there are types of foods you can cook. IMHO, if you

  According to Ibis World’s Market Research Report on the Scuba Diving Instruction the industry brought in $459 million in revenue in 2012. This represents a 2.1% drop over five years. Ibis World, however, expects growth in the coming years. The report says there will be: “modest revenue growth and stable demand. Since the industry’s main customers are younger professionals, the rising unemployment rate hurt its performance during the past five years. However, improved employment, spending and travel rates will spur revenue growth over the next five years. Consumers will engage in relatively expensive leisure activities like scuba diving, bolstering demand for related instruction.” One red flag raised by the report is increasing competition. In 2012 there were 1,644 scuba instruction businesses employing 8,885 people. But due to relatively low start-up costs the number operators has been increasing. A January 2013 article in The New York Times loans a look at how iPhone apps and other tech tools have surfaced to assist scuba divers any time of

Shopping for shoes of any type can be frustrating. The competing demands of comfort and style don’t always come together. But it turns out that most complex shoe shopping experience is likely the search for the perfect hiking boot. Style may not be the primary concern here – but there is a lot to consider. Outdoor clothing company REI offers detailed boot buying tips on its website. The article begins with two mantra that carry through the step by step explanation. These are “Match your hiking ambitions” and boot should “Comfortably fit your feet.” REI then outlines types of hiking boots, three different boot cuts, common boot materials and components, sizing and more. Who knew there was so much to think about? Some tips include, “Bring in any inserts or orthotics that you typically wear plus a favorite pair of socks. Wearing familiar socks can help you more quickly assess the fit and feel of new footwear.”  As well as, “Work with your sales specialist to

  A few weeks ago a mysterious contraption appeared outside my apartment building. It very large, mostly gray and has around two dozen posts sprouting from its base. On closer inspection it turns out the bicycles are meant to fit into the slots on these posts. The strange device is a base for New York’s new bike share program, which Citibank is sponsoring. As Bike share facilities sprout up around the city the response to them is mixed. I for one am excited to peddle my way to work once the program kicks off later this month. But according to a story that appeared in the New York Times last weekend, “Virtually everything about the city’s growing bike culture has prompted vigorous argument and even fury. Now that the metal stalls and kiosks where bikes will be stationed are turning up in parts of Brooklyn and downtown Manhattan, the theater of operations in the war among cyclists and drivers and pedestrians has expanded and multiplied

  Late last month, Forbes.com published a story called “What ‘Green’ Really Means For The Eagles, Seahawks And NASCAR.” In the article, “green tech” contributor Richard Ferris offers what he views as the key lessons to be taken from a recent panel of sustainability in sports. The panel was held at the annual Advanced Research Projects-Energy conference and featured high-profile team owners like Paul Allen of Seattle Seahawks, the Seattle Sounders and the Portland Trail Blazers (as well as, of course Microsoft Fame). Ferris writes, “The spread between science knowledge and sports knowledge is one of the reasons why sports organizations have an outsize impact when they go green. Tens of thousands of people in the bleachers and sometimes millions of TV fans have the opportunity to absorb an environmental message even as they munch on hot dogs.” Ferris goes on to analyze questions like the relationship between visibility and true environmental impact. He writes about the need to consider the limitations of a given

CDC finds Americans eating less fast food

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On the front page of NYTimes.com this morning is an article called “Children in U.S. Are Eating Fewer Calories, Study Finds.” The article primarily deals with a Centers for Disease Control and Preventionstudy that compares children’s caloric intake 2010 to the same demographic’s intake in 1999. Luckily this number is going down, a sign that American’s are moving in the right direction in the fight against obesity. Yet, the declines are too modest to tell us much. Perhaps more significant is a concurrent study conducted by the C.D.C on fast food intake among American adults. The Times mentions this study at the end of the article, explaining, “Another surprise, researchers said, was the decline in calories coming from fast food among American adults. Those calories fell to 11.3 percent of adults’ total daily intake in 2010, down from 12.8 percent in 2006.” Nonetheless, shares of McDonald’s stock (NYSE:MCD) rose 125 percent between January 2006 and December 2010. Wendy’ (NASDAQ:WEN) was down 73 percent for the

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