Twitter ads have not seen as much participation from small businesses as other forms of paid social media promotion, such as promoted posts on Facebook, but there may be more movement towards this medium as Twitter has announced that its advertising plans are getting cheaper, and will most likely continue to do so. reported on the drop in cost, which is potentially due to fine tuning of the algorithm that Twitter uses to manage digital impressions, one of the main ways that digital advertising is priced, as well as a re-evaluation of who their core advertising demographics will be in the future and how to meet their price points. While small business owners might want to evaluate where to begin digital marketing, twitter ads can be a powerful tool when applied by a marketing team with focus and data backed strategy. Finding the right value for your small business. Whether you are excited by the prospect of advertising on twitter or not, a word of caution must go with

Communication is essential in business, and relationships between employees, business partners and customers all need to be carefully nurtured to avoid complications.  It’s easy to say that communications don’t require any advanced thought since we communicate with other people every day instinctively on multiple levels, however, by sparing some brainpower to analyzing the way you interact with others, you can help strengthen already present bonds and build new bridges more easily down the road. Be courteous, yet direct in your communications. When boiling down the most essential factors in business communication, politeness and being to the point are the base upon which finer techniques should be built. As a rule, no matter who you are dealing with, treat them as you would expect to be treated by another person. That being said, in the business world time equates with money and pleasantries need not be lingered on for an overly long amount of time. Those you will be communicating with will generally appreciate you getting right

A proposed increase of the Federal minimum wage, to $10.10 from the current rate of $7.25 per hour, has small business owners taking sides both for and against the motion. The Daily Beast has put out an article citing studies that indicate a wage increase would do more good than harm to the economy by putting some spending power back into the hands of our lowest paid workers. This sentiment has been echoed by small business owners who are for the wage increase, many of whom already pay their employees a higher wage but support the idea of a wage hike as beneficial for the economy. On the other side of the issue are small business owners and lawmakers who worry that a wage increase could put small business owners who are already standing on shaky ground six feet under. In an article contributed to Forbes by William Dunkleberg, the wage increase is argued to be a sure job killer that only makes it more

Click bait, or link bait refers to content that is engineered with the express purpose of getting a strong attentive response from readers. Often this overlaps with “viral content”, or massively shared articles and videos that are either discovered and popularized organically or created specifically with the goal of becoming popular in mind. As soon as viral activity was noted as a phenomenon of the internet age. marketers everywhere sat up and took note. The interesting aspects of viral content include the fact that there is no such thing as a “standard” piece of viral content, both high budget corporate backed projects and videos recorded on cellphones go viral on a regular basis. Another is that content that gets no promotion at all frequently becomes viral by virtue of being discovered by influencers as much or more as through promotion through high traffic channels. Click bait attempts to play on psychology and trends to pull attention through a link to a desired landing page or action. Some

While small business indicators in the Winter showed that both confidence and loan volumes are present among the small business community, the icy climates that held sway over much of the continental US made it so that many small business owners had to put their plans on hold, or even cancel them entirely as a result of lower than anticipated sales volumes. Some industries were more hard hit than others, for example, commercial trucking businesses had to cope with the weather and its effect on their business even if they were not directly in the path of major storms. Still, the storms could not freeze out the hope of a recovery this year, and as the ice and snows thaw, the will and means for economic growth could come back stronger than the past few years. Business hopes for recovery are not merely founded on conjecture. Kiplinger’s reports that the forecast for 2014 should be strong as weather becomes less and less of a barrier for

As the Summer months get closer and closer, students all across the country are beginning to look for placement in internships where they can sharpen their skills and gain some real world experience. Taking on an intern at your small business can potentially help you manage your business more easily with the help of a motivated younger professional, which can have a very positive effect on your ability to get more done. Grooming interns is a great way to create a pool of fresh, talented, and most importantly, pre-trained potential full time employees, and training prospective hires as interns is more cost effective than giving them lengthy on the job training, as interns will usually work for either class credit, hourly wage, or stipend. Interested in having interns? Define your program before you begin your search. While as a general rule there are more prospective interns than internships, you are still going to want to try to attract the best and brightest from among to group

The way your small business appears (or doesn’t appear) online can either loan your business a boost in volume, or keep it from its full potential. There are multiple parts to creating a strong digital game for your business. The first is SEO and networking, creating the means for your website and social media profiles to gain exposure and create influence. This can be tough, and is often the focus of digital media coaching for small business owners, but it leaves out what to do when you begin to get attention. Brand management is just as important on the internet, due to the fact that information on your company can be permanently stored and cataloged and influence the decisions of prospective customers looking for more information on your business. Define your digital voice. One of the keys to creating a following is consistency. That means being consistent in your voice as well. The voice of your brand refers to the tone and style of your communications online,

As changing demographics of small business owners in the US are challenging stereotypes surrounding who can be a successful entrepreneur, the question of age is also increasingly part of the picture. Both older and younger entrepreneurs are getting media coverage as they are creating businesses and success that isn’t typically associated with their age groups. The challenging economy, which is slowly recovering, seems to have been rewarding small business owners who are willing to step outside the bounds of norms. This includes a rising trend of young people driving high growth businesses, and business owners who are over the age of retirement, many of whom have lengthy career histories but either wanted to try something new or have been forced to create another business by their economic situations. Younger entrepreneurs: still outnumbered, but doing big things. The Small business owners in the under 40 bracket have been getting a lot of attention. Not only do young people make great hires, due to the fact that they

Commercial trucking financing plans have been put out of whack by snows. This winter, small business owners in the logistics industry have felt the same negative effects as other small business owners due to the cold weather. The difference between logistics and other business models, however, is that small businesses in areas that are not as strongly effected by the snows have still felt the impact in their revenues, making commercial trucking businesses into some of the more widely effected business models. Trucking financing can be dependent on driver pay, and lost hours still need to come from somewhere. One point mentioned in an article from WRCBTV Chattanooga is the fact that, as drivers are caught in snow storms and are unable to make deliveries, they are still drawing billable driving hours that can’t be rolled over onto customers. This can mean that a period of snow related delays can create serious consequences for small business owners who are still required to make payroll. The limitations of

Running a small business loans a multitude of interesting challenges and variables to each week, some good, and some bad. When things are going your way, there are few experiences as rewarding as being in control of the growth of your successful business, however along with the high points there are the lows. When there is a problem within your business, sometimes the most painful part of fixing it is fully acknowledging what went wrong and why. Accountability within business is both an important, and unfortunately, tough to cultivate virtue, but the effort that is put in to promoting an accountable culture is worth it as it will help your business move forwards faster and address issues before they have a chance to become major problems. Here are some ways that your business can develop a more accountable culture, and embrace common sense principles that make the work environment a better place to be. Don’t wait to relate an issue. When communication breaks down in a

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