Macy’s stores around the country are being loaned out as guinea pigs this holiday season. Macy’s is testing out what will likely become a national trend of major retailers staying open over nights leading up to Christmas Eve.  Late last week, Macy’s department store announced plans to extend its annual one day sale an extra 24-hours. Macy’s — the second largest retailer in the United States — has been running a last-minute shopping marathon since 2006 in one form or another. But this year select stores will be open for 48-hours leading up to Christmas Eve. This will be a among the largest last minute shopping initiatives ever take on by a major retailer. But, as Bloomberg Businessweek point out, if this experiment goes well for Macy’s other retailers are sure to follow suit next year. “For the first time ever, Macy’s will keep most stores open around the clock for the last weekend of holiday shopping, an expansion of our successful marathon that

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