There are many ways to increase the bonds that small businesses share with their best customers, from rewards programs, to community events. When it comes to deciding how to stay in contact and deepen your rapport, it’s important to factor in the financing aspect for your small business, balancing your ambitions and you cash flow and ensuring that you get a good ROI on the money that you do spend while keeping your customers happy. One of the best principles that small businesses can espouse is taking what you already have and making it work more for your business. A perfect illustration of this concept can be found in the creation of a newsletter. So your small business has a social media presence? It’s also got a blog? Great! Then you already have everything that you need in order to put together a newsletter that can boost both your site’s traffic and the size of your social media presence. Here’s how it can work for you. Step 1:

There is large number of small business owners in the US who, due to one reason or another, have poor credit scores. While credit can affect a wide range of things in a person’s personal life, including the rental of an apartment to things as wide ranging as the ability to find a spouse or get hired, it does not mean that life is over for the person who has it. On the contrary, small business owners with bad credit actually have more options open to them than many of them realize. The ability to obtain financing to grow a small business is incredibly important, and while some banks will fund bad credit business loans, usually backed by the SBA, many will find that the traditional banking institutions that they would typically approach when trying to access credit will turn them away as a result of an extreme aversion to risk. Some of the typical reasons that business owners seek bad credit business loans and their

Here’s some food for thought; the commercial trucking industry, while not often thought of by your average restaurant goer, has a whole lot to do with what winds up on your plate when you sit down to eat. Recently, commercial trucking was brought into the news through the debacle surrounding the Trucker’s Ride for the Constitution, a protest that, while not endorsed by major trucking groups including the American Trucking Associations, gained viral support despite a low reported turnout. The logistics sector in the US is integral to our infrastructures, allowing for the wide range of products offered in supermarkets and by extension, in our restaurants. The main factor to consider in commercial trucking that could effect the restaurant industry going forwards is the constraint of freight capacity. As the economy has been racked with problems over the past few years, commercial trucking firms have been growing at a slower rate, not willing to tempt fate by expanding without sure signs of economic growth in

Small business owners in the liquor business are selling a product that already has a very strong set of associations for most people. When combined with the marketing campaigns of major liquor brands, there is already a high level of demand for top shelf liquor products. What this means is that, while marketing liquor as a product is made easier, the battle that these small business owners face is instead marketing their specific store over all the other liquor stores in their area. So how do you create branding for your business in a way that promotes you as being different from the other liquor stores in your area? Embracing the trend of craft cocktails is a great place to start. You are selling a luxury product already, but within the scope of how that product is used, there are literally limitless combinations. Now, the trend of craft cocktails is getting a lot of buzz, even appearing in the Wall Street Journal. An association with trendy

While not every small business will be engaged in activities where an employee or customer could potentially get hurt, outdoor businesses, restaurants, factories and other, more physically oriented business models have an inherent risk of injury associated with them, even if it is only a small amount. If an injury occurs at your business, it is better to be more rather than less prepared for treating it. CPR is a set of techniques for caring for injuries or medical emergencies that can save or prolong the lives of victims as emergency health professionals are contacted and arrive at the scene of an accident. CPR is easy to learn and get certified for, and the potential to save a life is invaluable for businesses where there is a risk of injury, from major bodily harm, to minor accidents like choking. Here’s what small business owners should know about preparing their employees and themselves for emergencies with CPR training. What can business owners do to prepare for

  In today’s busy world, winning a larger share of your market can come down to one simple factor: are you more or less convenient than your competition? One way to ensure that you can serve your customers in a way that works for them is by taking your business model on the road. Increasingly, businesses have been going fully mobile, ditching a brick and mortar location in favor of a van from which they can run their operations. While this may seem like a drastic step, in reality, there are some serious benefits that are associated with going mobile. For one thing, it turns your location into a mobile advertisement. By having a mobile workstation, you are able to advertise your small business all over the neighborhood, literally, as you will be driving around from place to place in the course of your day. Taking steps to customize the appearance of your vehicle can turn your mobile business station into a local legend; the more outlandish

At a certain point in a small business’s expansion, the idea of franchising will most likely come up. McDonald’s is an example of a small business that was able to grow a franchise into a globally recognized brand name. Founded in 1940, in 2012 it boasted annual revenues of $27.5 billion. Since the first franchised restaurant opened in 1955, McDonald’s has expanded all over the world in 60 years of operations. Small businesses who believe that their business model has the potential to be replicated are often tempted by the idea of making a franchised business  into a success story of the same magnitude as a globally prevalent brand. Franchising  can be helpful for a small business to  extend market volume,  reduce market cost, compete in global business, etc. The way that franchising works is by allowing individual business owners to lease the image and purchase product from the main brand, while at the same time retaining a stake in their own physical locations. This can

As a business owner, your cash flow is like your pulse. At all times it should be kept strong through a knowledge of responsible spending as well as a cohesive plan for obtaining capital should the need for expansion, wage payments, or other pursuits that require liquid cash arise. The economic climate of the last few years has been a tough one for many businesses; bad credit, devalued property and assets and increased requirements on the part of banks have made small business lending into one of the most hard-hit parts of the financing world. The ability to easily apply for credit from banks used to allow small business who wished to grow the option to access capital at will. Today, when a business owner goes to those same banks, they are much more likely to be turned away. An additional problem that faces many business owners goes beyond the increased lending requirements that they face. High risk industries as designated by banks include some

Sales of Small Businesses On the Rise

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According to the Bizbuysell insight report of 2013, small business transaction growth is up more than 41% compared to this time last year. Driving the growth was the sale of restaurant businesses which is up 109.4% and retail businesses which is up 60.9% from the third quarter of 2012. The spike in sales volume has been attributed to signs that the economy will recover as well as stronger small business performance over the past year. Many small business owners are seeking to cash out, predominantly the baby boomer generation of small business owners. These entrepreneurs may have waited for signs of economic recovery before they sold their businesses in order to ensure that they got the best price and the highest demand for them possible. Small business buyers are often interested in improving their acquisitions through external financing. These renovated businesses are powerful drivers of economic growth, especially in areas where the business is able to draw increased volume of consumer traffic, potentially revitalizing areas.

Running a business is tough, and there is a large margin for error that means that business owners may feel uncomfortable taking the time to appreciate the work that they’ve already done and celebrate the contributions of their employees. However, the small things that you do as a manager can make a lot of difference. An example of this can be found in one of the traditions at Horizon Business Funding. Every Friday at Horizon is pizza Friday. After a long week, knowing that there will be free pizza to come eat on lunch break makes a world of difference for our employees. The actual pizza may seem like a rather small offering, but in reality, it is the idea of looking forward to it that makes it such an important morale booster. Here are some tips on how small businesses can incorporate their own “pizza Friday” or other kind of morale boosting weekly tradition that can bring their employees closer together. Pick a few

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