A mobile website is a very strong investment for small business owners, since mobile traffic on the internet continues to increase year over year. Smallbiztrends.com even suggests businesses gear up their mobile marketing now in anticipation of peak sales during the Christmas season. But what if a business is simply not able to invest in a mobile site for whatever reason? Are there ways that they can still attempt to profit off of the increasing important medium of mobile web traffic? Here are a few suggestions for putting a brand in the public eye via mobile marketing even without a site that is optimized for mobile. 1) Take advantage of mobile apps that allow business profiles. Claiming all the listings that are open to your business is a good first step towards gaining mobile exposure without a website. Examples of sites that can help businesses appear on mobile are Yelp and Foursquare, as these allow businesses to create profiles that have the potential to show up

Meetings are an interesting phenomenon of the business world. When used appropriately, they can be powerful tools for creating team based strategies, but more often they get a bad rap as time sinks where employees and managers will talk in circles in order to avoid losing face or seeming like they aren’t engaged. Then more useless meetings employees are dragged to, the less engaged they tend to become as the point of meeting becomes diluted by the routine postures adapted by participants. Small business owners should avoid calling in meetings constantly, instead only bringing their whole team together when it is actually necessary. Here are some strategies for avoiding calling in unnecessary group meetings while still ensuring that productivity is kept at high levels. Use a wider range of communication tools. Communications during meetings are valuable because of both the immediacy of face to face communication as well as the ability of and entire team to participate and engage. However, team members can use communication technologies

Germs are not only unpleasant, but in a small business setting they can wind up costing a lot of productivity when key team members take sick days. Counteracting the potential for lost time is pretty simple, but unfortunately, offices often become hotbeds for germs because employees don’t take the steps they need to keep themselves healthy, or will come into the office while under the weather, spreading their sickness to those around them. Hand sanitizer. Having hand sanitizer dispensers located around the office, particularly around food preparation areas and restrooms, can help stop the spread of microbes that occurs when sick people touch a surface that is touched by non-infected co-workers. Coming in to the office to avoid taking a sick day is a pretty common occurrence and employees may not realize that they are sick until half way through a work day. Providing a means to control physically transferred germs can mitigate the spread of infections even when there are sick people in the office.

The cloud, free CRM tools, and digital calendars can help small business owners reach levels of organization and efficiency that would be impossible without the benefit of technology. However, much in the same way that e-books can never truly replace a paper copy for some bibliophiles, the utility of physical note taking should not be ignored by small business owners, even in the event that they are also using digital organizational aids. There are multiple reasons to take notes, and in lieu of pen and paper, many tablets support handwriting style data entry, which for some business owners compounds even further on the utility of physical note taking by converting it into organized digital outlines. It can help business owners remember important points more easily. The act of physically writing is linked to stronger retention of information, and according to lifehacker, allows for a deeper connection with the meaning behind what is written in comparison with typed notations. In business, when recall of important details is

While working as a small business owner, taking a vacation can become something that seems less important in the face of all the responsibilities of the day to day. Fantasizing about a week off can become the closest thing to a break that business owners allow themselves, but without taking any break whatsoever business owners can become stressed to a level that is actually detrimental to the health of their business and themselves. Even small rewards can make a real difference. Instead of working themselves to a point where they may make major errors due to overexertion, business owners should consider resetting their mental clocks with a micro-vacation. A micro-vacation refers to taking a vacation that, while only lasting for a short time from a couple days to just a half day- allows for some relaxation away from the demands of the true work week. What should business owners plan into a micro-vacation? A short vacation can still be a reprieve for small business owners provided

Bad credit on the part of a small business owner makes many aspects of a running a business more difficult, including hiring and employee management. Human resources functions within a growing business are often handled directly by the owner of the business, with no room for a managerial department dedicated to HR without financing on top of strong cash flows. Without a separate entity handling human resources concerns, it falls to the owner of the business to ensure that employees are contributing on the level that they should be. Here are a few ways that bad credit businesses can stay on top of their HR, even if they don’t have the benefit of a centralized HR department. Ensure that there are strong protocols in place for communication. The communication quality within an organization that has no HR department needs to be carefully protected and preserved. Ideally, a forum for open communications within the business should exist as well as other communication channels that can be used

Managing a business is not easy all alone, but inevitably when other people get brought into the equation things get simultaneously more easy and more difficult. While well trained employees who have been given leadership skills represent a major asset on the part of small business, the more people are added to a staff, the more the sense of accountability in in environment is diffused unless steps are taken to preserve it. Business owners may not always have the time or resources to check up on an in depth level with all of their employees, but when they recognize consistent indicators that something needs correcting, it falls to them to make sure that they take the initiative to follow up on their observations and diagnose any potential issues before they turn into something that can be potentially highly detrimental to the health of their enterprise. There is a difference between problem employees and ones that are not engaged. A problem employee under the best of circumstances will

The perks of running a small business include a total control of how you manage it. However, when the tasks that entails get in the way of taking a vacation or even looking for a change of scenery, then the perk can start to feel more like a burden. Luckily, small business owners don’t have to stay cemented to a single location in order to be productive. Getting things done from a remote location is becoming more and more simple thanks to new technologies and applications geared towards independent businesses. In the interest of making it a little easier for business owners to go out and about while managing the fear that they are missing out on important business developments, here are three suggestions for bringing productivity along with them when they go out. Allow yourself the ability to get employee feedback through your phone. Business owners are notorious for taking a technology that wouldn’t otherwise be used for business and applying it successfully to their

Management is a skill that requires practice and reflection, like any other. Where management differs from other elements required to run a business, however, is in the fact that it pertains to many different situations, from engaging employees to the very important task of managing customer expectations. Managing expectations will save you from many unpleasant situations caused by a lack of adequate communication between you and your clients. Essentially, this type of management hinges on clear communication of what your business is able to deliver and for what price in what time frame. Like many principles of small business, it’s based on common sense and being proactive, but again, like many elements of business, it’s not always something that people follow through on. In the case of important relationships, business owners can be tempted to say whatever will make the sale. The problematic part of this strategy, besides the obvious issues caused by discrepancies between what is promised and what is delivered, is that business

A growing business should seek opportunity where it can be found, and put the needs of its clients as a priority. Generally, the better the business meets the needs of the community it is in, the more successful it will be. That’s why as small businesses grow, they should increasingly consider the potential that having bilingual staff can bring. Whether or not there is a need for increased language support in a business can sometimes be difficult to determine. The reasons for this are varied but most of the time, business owners will simply not know whether or not there is really  demand for their products among different language groups, and without speaking other languages themselves, they may not have any idea of how large the populations are that they could be serving and whether or not it makes sense to reach out to them from an investment standpoint. One suggestion for business owners who would like to know more about the languages in their

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