For some working women finding the time to loan to beauty and grooming can be difficult. Between meetings and phone calls, kids and spouses, there is often few spare hours for manicure appointments, blowouts and other such things. Perhaps unsurprisingly, a slew of business have cropped up to help women cope with their busy schedules. To loan them a few extra minutes of flexibility. Hair stylists and other beauty professionals have long made extra cash by offerig house-calls, these new companies take the concept a step further. Now a the corporate woman can get a manicure at her cubicle, her make-up refreshed in a conference room or her hair-done in truck parked just steps outside her office building. These services tend to cost more than their brick and mortar counter-parts, but devotees think it is well worth it. Speaking to The New York Times about her experience with traveling beauty salons, a film producer offered, “For me personally, how I dress and look suggests my tastes

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