Twitter ads have not seen as much participation from small businesses as other forms of paid social media promotion, such as promoted posts on Facebook, but there may be more movement towards this medium as Twitter has announced that its advertising plans are getting cheaper, and will most likely continue to do so. reported on the drop in cost, which is potentially due to fine tuning of the algorithm that Twitter uses to manage digital impressions, one of the main ways that digital advertising is priced, as well as a re-evaluation of who their core advertising demographics will be in the future and how to meet their price points. While small business owners might want to evaluate where to begin digital marketing, twitter ads can be a powerful tool when applied by a marketing team with focus and data backed strategy. Finding the right value for your small business. Whether you are excited by the prospect of advertising on twitter or not, a word of caution must go with

One of the biggest challenges stopping small business owners from creating fresh content is time. Many feel that, were there more hours in the day, they would develop a more thorough content strategy that would include more regularly updated material. While there are things that small business owners can do to find some time to work on their content, they don’t always need to post something new in order to stay active. Recycling content in a positive way is actually a good thing, and these tips can help you to direct your resources towards this end in a constructive way.  Only recycle quality content. If you are going to give a piece of content a repeat performance, make sure that it is something that stands a chance of getting more recognition and attention the second time around as opposed to a piece you put out that flopped. Sending out poor quality content as a placeholder is not a better strategy that simply waiting to post something that

Apps represent a significant step forward in the range of technologies that can allow a business to remain connected to their customers. Never before in history have consumers been able to access so much information so effortlessly. Via smart phones, much of the US is able to be constantly connected to the internet, as well as their favorite services via the proliferation of mobile apps. While apps can be expensive for small business owners to develop, they can also be highly worth it in those who work them into their business plans in a clever way. The benefit of providing your customers with a platform through which they can access your services at virtually any time with minimal effort is the maximization of orders and repeat business. Additionally, word of mouth can spread fast around a successful app, especially one that can be used during social situation to order something that people will share. The stunning success of Uber, for example, can be partially attributed

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