Whether there is snow on the ground outside of your windows, or a sandy beach, the end of the year is fast approaching and small businesses all over the US are planning for a successful and productive 2014. The holidays are naturally a time for reflection, but for business owners, they carry an added weight as a new fiscal year begins, with all the potential opportunity and potential for challenges that that presents. If one of the challenges faced by your small business was bad credit and the issues that accompany it, then the past year may have seemed especially tough, but because of that the first days of 2014 can seem twice as sweet. The tradition of creating a resolution to hold fast to in the New Year is one that small business owners can adapt to their work efforts. Here are five suggestions that bad credit business owners can commit to, or use as inspiration to create their own commitments in order to

Tis' The Season For Small Business Optimism

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According to the latest release of the National Federation of Independent Business’s small business optimism index, November saw small business owner’s reported optimism increase by less than a full point. In a holding pattern for the past few months, small business hiring also increased, if only marginally. Economic fears caused by issues including the Government Shutdown and the costs associated with Obamacare compliance have spooked small business owners, who continue to play their cards close for fear of more economic issues down the road. While there is still plenty to look out for as the year comes to a close, small business owners should also strive to take stock of their triumphs and take the time to go over what went well, bringing their own optimism levels up. December could see optimism increase, if the Holiday shopping season goes well. In December, the most prime shopping days of the entire year take place. If small businesses are able to profit from the season and hit their

The official first day of winter in 2013 is the 21st of December, meaning that it’s still technically Fall for another two weeks. However, the signs of the changing seasons are all around us, as many parts of the US have already experienced their first snows and the leaves on the trees have been shed. The winter brings with it a lull in business for many; seasonal businesses who profit during the Summer, such as landscapers, are now going into a part of the year where demand for their cores services is rapidly cooling down. But just because it is the off season, that doesn’t mean that your business needs to go into full hibernation. Here are some ways that your small business can spend the off season in order to make the most of the time and come back stronger than ever in 2014. Spend time evaluating your performance. Your small business’s performance over the last year might have been great, or it might be

A good small business does its best to make sure the customer is always satisfied.  Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance now more than ever, with social media sites and review websites like Yelp allowing for customers to share instant feedback with the public. In addition to all that you already do in order to please your clientele, make sure that you show your thanks and appreciation for their business, especially during critically important times like the Holidays.  Everyone likes to feel appreciated, and showing your customers that you value their business and appreciate them as individuals will keep them happy and satisfied proponents of your brand. How can you show your customers some appreciation?  Here are a few tips: Say Thank You.  This may sound simple, but it is important to thank your customers for their business.  Showing verbal appreciation goes a long way to make your customers feel valued.  In addition to thanking customers in person, you can send thank you emails that

With Black Friday’s effects diminished slightly by the sheer number of promotional days heralding the beginning of the Holiday season, small businesses have had multiple opportunities to get in on increased sales as the frenetic holiday shopping season begins. Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and now, Cyber Monday have stacked their effects, offering multiple chances for businesses to grow their profit margins, provided they created a game plan and had enough put into their reserves to run on a sustained level of acceleration. While these sales days are important for all types of small businesses, the chance for small business owners with bad credit in particular to obtain stronger profits and get some cash in hand is crucial for the survival of these businesses. The end of the year and the Holiday season also hold some pitfalls for certain business types, especially those that are going into their off season. This is why increasing the capacity of a bad credit business to create revenue through carefully outlined

After the frenzy of Black Friday this week, Small Business Saturday will follow. This represents a potential to double dip on increased sales for small business owners, and a golden opportunity for bad credit businesses to create some revenues. For those who are not familiar with Small Business Saturday, it is a day of national recognition for small businesses where consumers are encouraged to shop locally at their favorite independent businesses. For retailers in particular, this weekend will be a very important one as not only are there two events geared towards them, but the end of Thanksgiving marks the official beginning of the holiday season. How can a small business take advantage of the increased holiday traffic? You can makes sure that your small business gets as much as possible out of the holidays by taking a few steps to maximize your potential to attract customers. First, if you have not rolled out a holiday deal, or a special offer of some kind, then you

The coming of Black Friday abruptly signals the beginning of the holiday marketing season in a frenzy of consumer spending and bargain hunting. It is a time when many small business owners are unable to take a break because of the frenetic pace of sales, which is a good thing, as huge percentages of annual revenues are made up in the weeks of heightened consumer activity. What the season has the potential to mean for business owners who have bad credit is a relief from the pressures of their cash flow constraints as they make up reserves that can help them through the winter and allow them to work on improving and expanding their business. During the next few weeks, small business owners are going to be riding their businesses full speed ahead, and need to have solid financing plans in place in order to keep the wheels turning as fast as they can go. Make sure that you have enough inventory. If you anticipate a

With the chill of winter spreading over the US and the smell of Thanksgiving preparations wafting from kitchens all over, it’s time for small businesses to start their holiday marketing and decorating efforts. Many businesses have already rolled out some type of holiday trapping, but if you have not yet, or are planning on adding more, these classic tips can help you make the most of the holiday shopping season and help your staff and your clients get into the spirit. Keep your decorations simple and tasteful. You can have as many decorations as you are willing to take down after the holidays, but try to keep the general themes of your decoration simple and holiday appropriate. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, and some small business owners will do very well by decorating every inch of their location with gaudy and over the top lighting and ornaments, in particular retail businesses that are trying to draw attention to their storefronts. In general, however,

Tips for Small Business Corporate Gift Giving

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As the holidays draw near, it is time to think about corporate gifting. A survey conducted by Incentive , a trade magazine, showed that this year, a little over 75% of companies reported that they plan to include corporate and business gift giving as part of their incentives program. This percentage is up from last year’s results showing the number at less than two thirds. Incentive’s executive editor, Leo Jakobson, credits this increase in gifting to businesses generally feeling more secure now that the economy is improving. Corporate gifts will demonstrate your appreciation of your business partners and key clients, and strengthen your business relationships. A good client gift is meaningful, appropriate and professional. While it can be fun to incorporate ribald humor into gifts that you give your family members and close friends, it is important to assess the level of what is appropriate to your business contacts. In general, it is better to get a tasteful gift rather than a comedic one for

Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving, and is the official kick-off of the Holiday shopping season. Holiday shopping makes up a critical percentage of the annul revenues of many small business owners, especially those in retail. Without the boosted holiday sales on and around black Friday, many small businesses struggle to make up their sales quotas, so it is important that they be ready to handle increased amounts of business. When a business has bad credit as well, the importance of maximizing revenue is even more pressing, as losses of anticipated cash flow can worsen financial issues. View your business through the eyes of a new consumer. During Black Friday and the entire holiday shopping season, many consumers will take the time to check out a different store or business than they normally would in search of the perfect gifts for their loved ones. This is the time to take a fresh look at your business and see it through the eyes of a

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