One great thing about small businesses is the fact that as a business owner, you are able to constantly reinvent yourself and your brand. Reasons for doing so are many, and range from a desire to attract more customers, create some new buzz around an older business or just because you think a new look is what you need to get your employees energized. Sometimes, you will have inherited or purchased a business whose former owner had different tastes than yourself and you want to make your personal mark on it by changing the logo. It’s also possible that you are interested in creating some logo designs for use on themed days like holidays or during special sales, in which case you could be designing multiple logos all at once for a wide variety of uses. Whatever your reason for switching things up, when creating a new symbol that your business will be recognized by, it helps to put some extra thought into the process

Small business owners in the travel industry have a lot to look forward to once the weather turns up!  While their best sellers will surely continue to draw attention, in 2014 some interesting new destinations are starting to be more talked about as the collective mind begins to stray towards Summer planning. Here they are, as well as the reasons why this vacation season they will make attractive options, both for travel business owners and their clients. Brazil: Since the World Cup is going to be hosted there this year, extra attention Is being focused on the tropical nation. Already a hot destination, this year the extra excitement loaned by the globally anticipated sporting event should make the beautiful beaches and beautiful people of Brazil an even more attractive enticement to get away. Cape Town: In the wake of the passing of internationally recognized visionary Nelson Mandela, South Africa has been brought to the forefront in the minds of the American public. Recognized this year as a

As you may or may not be excited about, Valentine’s day is rapidly approaching. For some small business owners, the day is little more than a reminder of love through a barrage of candy hearts and pink and red decorations, but to others, particularly in retail and certain types of service based businesses, the day can represent a big sales day, and deserves to have business owners loan time to preparing for it. While getting new business in the door on Valentine’s day is important, small business owners should think a step ahead and not only try to post bigger numbers the day of Valentine’s day, but also give their new customers a reason to create a long term relationship with their service. Attract Valentine’s day traffic by accentuating your business’s appeal. Bringing people in on Valentines’ day is easier when you give them a deal. Fear of losing out is a classic factor in closing sales, and a limited edition product or offer can help

This Sunday, America came together to watch the Superbowl, this year hosted in New York with the titular game played in New Jersey. However, those watching who anticipated an evenly matched game came away wondering at how the Seahawks seemingly effortlessly dismantled the Broncos, despite quarterback Peyton Manning being widely regarded as one of the best quarterbacks of all time. How the team that prided itself on scoring and coordination was reduced to a single touchdown and 2 point conversion for the entire game is tough to say, but in the end it can be agreed that the tight defensive game of the Seahawks was too much for any convincing response from Denver. There is a lesson to be learned here for small business owners. Like a football team, a small business is made up of specialized team members who work together in the interest of advancing a common goal; in this case the success of their enterprise. The better that a small business’s team is

A new year is always bittersweet, as we say goodbye to both the failures and successes of last year and look towards what can be an intimidatingly blank slate. What makes this new year even more intimidating for small business owners, in particular those with bad credit, are issues that have either created problems after the fact, such as the tightening of underwriting criteria for small business loans on the part of major banks, to speed bumps that may have not yet made their full impact felt, such as the new costs for certain businesses associated with Obamacare. Small business owners should diversify their income streams. What we learned from 2013 is that if you rely solely on one source of income, you might be left in an extremely uncomfortable position if it is taken away by unforeseen circumstances. For example, many contractors who counted the US Government as their biggest client (and for others, their only client)  were blindsided by the catastrophic government shutdown, which

Whether you are planning on greatly expanding your business in the new year, or are continuing the traditions you’ve established this year, all businesses can benefit from some well planned new year’s resolutions. The very word “resolution” implies the resolute and determined qualities that one needs in order to succeed in business; fitting as the determined pursuit of goals is the way forward in any industry. All goals are going to be different, depending on the business. Sure, there is a large amount of overlap between the resolutions that businesses make in a general sense, but the reality is that beneath the surface, every business is going to have to take a look at their individual strengths and weaknesses in order to create effective resolutions. To start, be honest with yourself. Odds are good that you already know an area where you still need to improve, as well as what you are already doing that has been creating good results. Start from there, then build the

Create a pitch targeting them. For example, putting a sign in your window with a funny phrase letting these tardy shoppers know that you have them covered can make a lot of difference when they pass by your location. You can also promote after Holiday specials on your website or through social media accounts. The more you put your message out there, the better response you can expect. Give them a deal. A special offer can attract more frugal shoppers, after all, at the end of the holiday season, people are more likely to have spent their budget for presents already. The perception that they are getting a deal can convince your customers to spend that last bit of their holiday budget. Stress the unique qualities of your products. The reason why people are going to buy from your small business over a big box retailer is because often times they think of small business products as being innately more unique, thus making better and more thoughtful gifts.

While the Holidays are here, and many people are on vacation, there are still a group of people who are thinking about work. For small business owners, there is not really such a thing as being “off duty”, yet when the holiday season rolls around, commitments to family and friends need to be honored as well. How can you make it all work if you are still anxious about your commitment to your business? Here are some suggestions for doing both that can allow you to enjoy time with your loved ones and make sure that things are running smoothly with your business. Designate business time during the day. You are going to be tempted to respond to each phone call and answer each email that comes in during the day, even if it is your day off. Don’t take things as they come, you will simply get sucked in to work mode and cease being engaged with your friends and family. Instead of this, set

Merry Christmas Small Business Owners!

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The Horizon Business Funding family would like to wish the small business owners that we work with a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Small business owners are a hard working, talented group of people, and we are constantly surprised by the dedication and innovation demonstrated every day by those we work with. While many business owners will be with their families and away from their businesses this week, their identities as small business owners are something that they are able to take with them when they go home. The qualities of leadership, attention to detail and fairness are gifts that can be passed on by example; something that business owners should strive to remember even when they are not in the office or on the job. May the happiness of the season stay with you and yours this week, and last all through next year. Photo Credit to Bosc D’Anjou on Flickr

The holiday season is in full swing, and small business owners across the country are taking time to think of their families and friends and be proud of what they have accomplished over the past year. Whether the past year was full of success, or full of trials and tough lessons, business owners can still find ways to give back to their communities during the holiday season. While giving back is a great thing to do regardless, it can also give your business a positive PR boost and help create an image that will allow it to cement a place in the community. Giving back can take many forms, so here are three great starting ideas small business owners can build on and personalize. Sponsor a toy drive. The holidays are typically associated with giving gifts, yet for many underprivileged children and their families, that is simply not possible without assistance. Your business can brighten the season for these children by sponsoring a toy drive. You

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