Small business owners need to be careful; hackers and phishing scams that target them rely on a feeling of being too small to be on the radar to exploit unprepared small businesses, taking their repositories of financial and customer information and exploiting or liquidating them. One scam which has become more common of late is a trojan horse scheme, which refers to the technique of requesting a victim download a seemingly harmless attachment or program which in fact contains a virus, the “trojan” program contained within the outer guise of whatever it was the victim clicked on. Lately, the use of a false invoice to deliver trojan programs has become increasingly common as hackers awaken more and more to the value of targeting small businesses with spam leads and emails. Fake invoicing schemes are increasingly common. Small business owners can often become overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork that they need to keep track of. Fake invoices rely on this confusion, submitting a seemingly “unpaid” invoice

When a small business owner has bad credit to deal with, it can put a even greater significance on lead generation, since attracting quality leads that have the potential to turn into sales consistently is what will form the basis of your cash flow. In turn, having consistent cash flows is an essential part of running a business while in the process of credit repair. One of the hardest parts of growing a business with the extra consideration of a bad credit score is obtaining liquid capital to use to meet growth related costs. This can be overcome through building a strong relationship with an alternative capital provider, as not only can bad credit be overcome when applying, but over time advances can become more favorable as a business makes their relationship grow stronger. One way to continue re-investing in your business through the use of bad credit business loans and alternatives is through diversifying your lead generation, expanding to new mediums in an effort

The beginning of the school year has begun, and Labor day come and gone. While the last waves of Summer heat are passing by, the Fall is just around the corner and small business owners all across the country should be preparing both mentally and strategically in order to make the most of the sales potential that comes along with the season. With major shopping days coming along fueled by holidays including Halloween, Thanksgiving and the annual bonanza of Black Friday, businesses owners shouldn’t allow these busy days to simply sneak up on them. Here are three jumping off points that business owners can use as fuel to start brainstorming how they can make this year the most profitable one yet. Review market data, segment deeper and evaluate your choices of advertising platforms. The ability of a small business to accurately pinpoint and reach out to its target market makes the difference between a greatly successful marketing campaign and one that loses money or attracts poor

Meetings can be necessary to bring your team together and onto the same page, and when used strategically they are a powerful tool. The energy in a room full of engaged employees who are communicating face to face can often form the catalyst for powerful innovations and progress. That said, when you overdo it with meetings, not only do they being to bore your employees, but through dreading them they will often actively disengage and reduce the value that they are intended to create. Instead of calling a meeting for every situation, instead ask yourself if there is an alternative action you can take that will enable more productivity. Whenever you feel the need to call a meeting, stop yourself and ask yourself a few questions in order to determine if it’s really a meeting that you need. How many team members are involved? If your whole team doesn’t need to be there to get across the reason you feel the need for a meeting, then

  In an article on, the future of the SEO industry was discussed as well as the role that content will continue to play in digital marketing, both for small businesses as well as larger corporations. As Google continues to improve its algorithms, its aim is to reduce the ability of SEO’s to manipulate site rankings though strategic optimization. While making sure that a site is coded cleanly, contains strong copy and is able to hold the interest of a visitor will not stop being important, it may simply become a matter of course, with major gains in SERPs progressively more difficult to engineer outside of natural improvement based on repeat and new traffic combined with social and low bounce rates. Where does content fit in? While being able to manipulate SERPs through content overnight isn’t a realistic goal, businesses that do regularly create content should still be able to reap SEO benefits over time. In Google’s eyes, the best, most informative and relevant content

An article on the Huffington Post written by Sajeel Qureshi, some insight was shared on how to differentiate a small business faced with prospect of cold calling decision makers. Apart from taking the time to fine tune their small business pitch, business owners should make the effort to set themselves apart when trying to attract the attention of a decision maker who they are trying to recruit into a partnership. It was recommended that business owners think of their prospective customers in the same way that they would think of their favorite celebrities. Here’s why that piece of advice is a particularly strong one for small businesses to embrace: Thinking of the customer as a very important person is a good practice to adopt regardless, since as a business starts out making a reputation for itself and recruiting word of mouth leads, the customer service that they are known for will be one of the most important measuring sticks that clients will refer to and use

Giving up on a product is not an easy thing to do. As the owner of your small business, you carry more than just a monetary investment in your product line; you also may have a greater or lesser degree of emotional investment in the idea, as well as the awareness that you put time, money and effort in to getting it out there. For these reasons, even if a product is performing well below par, small business owners may yet be loathe to turn their backs on it and allocate the resources that go into producing it into a better program. In order to determine if their product should be axed, updated or left alone, there are a few questions that business owners should ask themselves. What are your customers saying about the product in question? Shaking off the influence of ego, business owners should listen with open ears to what their customers are saying about their product. If you were able to create profit

Small business owners live in a digital age, one that has practices that have lasted hundreds of years being replaced or fundamentally changed by the addition of new technology. However, in the midst of this change there remains a wealth of business knowledge that remains just as important today as it ever was. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. This is an ancient piece of advice, but small business owners will probably recognize the truth in it. While this is not saying that there are no good deals out there, if something comes up that seems aberrant from a rule of thumb, for example a service that claims to offer the same functionality as other products but is half the price, then doing a very thorough due diligence before acting on the offer is in your best interest. If you are being heavily pressured to take what seems like an amazing deal, that should raise a red flag. A bird

There are many ways that small business owners can apply working capital in order to improve their productivity, their profitability and a slew of other great p words. One of these ways is by taking steps to adapt to the increasingly scary world of cyber security. Bad credit business loan alternatives allow an extremely broad range of small businesses to successfully access funding, so small business owners who have been contemplating improving their digital security but have not because of cash flow concerns may wish to apply these forms of financing for small business to address security gaps. Take on a full time IT staff. A bad credit business loan alternative typically highlights speed as one of its main points, so in the event that a business takes on a new responsibility, such as a store of high profile client information and feels the need to protect it with enhanced protocols, they can swiftly compose a team of IT pros to meet their needs. Business owners

Running a small business isn’t easy, and it doesn’t get any more simple if you have bad credit. Since credit issues can seriously hamper small business loan approvals, business owners need to be more strategic about how they apply for capital. While there are loan alternatives for business owners with bad credit out there, making judgment calls about when to use financing and when to improvise is part of your role as a manager. Fortunately, just because you are short staffed, that does not mean you can’t keep your business running until you are able to make another hire, as long as you are able to effectively prioritize and redistribute workload. Identify your main priorities and then match them with the competencies of your remaining staff. You may find that you need to put a part of your business on hold in order to take care of your most important priorities. In this case, you need to be clear that you understand what your main priorities

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