'Business Insider' loans glimpse at couple who saved big on their wedding

by / Sunday, 09 June 2013 / Published in Wedding Business Loans

Cost cutting bride Trae Bodge kept her wedding expenses to $9,000 in part by buying her dress from The Bridal Garden. This New York bridal boutique keeps prices down buying sourcing from designers and donates proceeds to charity.


A recent Business Insider article loans us a glimpse into how one New York couple planned a lavish wedding for 17.5% of the average budget. The article begins:

The average modern wedding costs more than an astronomical $28,500 — enough to put any couple in debt.

In 2003, Trae Bodge and her then-fiance, Chris, were determined to spend a more modest amount: $9,000 ($11,200 in today’s dollars).

Cost saving methods included gifts and hand-me-downs — family rings, a friend officiated and cosmetic industry colleagues loans hair and make-up services. A DIY rehearsal dinner, groom’s ring and center pieces also cut down costs, as did a bit of negotiating.

Click here for more on how the Bodges kept their wedding cots down. 

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