Bad Credit Business Tips: How to Save on Energy Bills

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Running a business will necessitate certain costs just to keep the lights on and your doors open. While energy efficiency isn’t usually the primary concern of a small business owner, taking steps to reduce the costs of your energy usage is a good way to save yourself what will add up to be a healthy amount of money at the end of the year. An additional benefit of energy conservation is that it is healthier for the environment and reduces the harmful effects of energy production and consumption on our environment. Possibly the best part about adopting an energy conscious stance within your small business is that it is really easy to do. Depending on how deep you want to get into energy saving initiatives, you can start an energy awareness policy without actually spending any money, making this a great project for small business owners with extenuating cash flow issues.

Be conscious of wasteful energy use. Reducing the amount of waste you create starts when you actually think about what you need to use (for example, your computer and the lights in your office) and what you are using that may in fact be wasteful and contribute to a higher bill. Some places that you should consider turning into energy conservation zones  in your office are employee break rooms, conference rooms, bathrooms or other spaces that do not need to be constantly lit due to their sporadic use.  Identify areas where turning the lights off when there is nobody there would be practical and not interrupt productivity, then put up some flyers reminding your staff to turn the lights out when they leave.

Insulate your building. A major way that energy is wasted is through either heat dissipation or the constant need to blast the AC. Climate control systems are great for making the workplace comfortable, but they can be expensive to leave on at full blast and their consumption can take a toll on the environment. Many business owners don’t realize just how much heat can slip through the cracks in their windows and doors, and in the case of shoddy glass windows, heat can dissipate straight through the windowpane. Evaluate your own office layout with attention paid to where your insulation is being applied and how it could be improved.

Consider green  energy. Green bulbs are a simple way to help out the environment as well as reduce your energy usage. Low watt bulbs are able to serve as a light source without using as much energy as typical, higher wattage lights. Low flush toilets, recycled material use and a slew of other green technologies can help your business continue to run efficiently while using less and reducing your carbon footprint. Be sure to investigate the potential tax write offs that come along with going green, you may be able to save you business more money than you would based on reduced energy use alone.


Photo Credit to Fort Rucker on Flickr

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