Bad Credit Business Tips: How to Defeat Mid-Day Doldrums

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Every small business owner faces some common challenges, from the difficulties involved in applying for small business loans, to the questions surrounding hiring, payroll and the management of employees, right down to the struggle to find energy on heavy work days after lunch. While the first few challenges require some serious thought and attention to detail, giving yourself a much needed boost of energy is actually not that complicated at all. In fact, by taking just 15 minutes out of your day, you will be able to tackle all of your other projects with a feeling of wakefulness and energy that can help you get much more done. Here are some of the best pieces of advice on how to maintain focus after you start to fade during the middle of the day.

Moderate you caffeine intake. Usually, without a more defined plan on how to combat drowsiness, small business owners will simply reach for the coffee pot or an energy drink and use that to fuel the rest of their day, until they collapse into a frazzled heap at the end of their business hours. This might work, but in the long term it only contributes to a dependency on caffeine in order to feel awake. Instead of cup after cup, limit yourself to a single cup of coffee during the day. A moderate amount will allow you to re-energize without crashing hard and feeling the need for more.

Have a snack. A healthy snack, like an apple or other piece of fruit, gives your body energy in the form of complex sugars that take time to break down. These healthy sugars are slow to be absorbed in your system, so they can keep you functioning with healthy energy much longer than a piece of candy or a processed, pre-wrapped treat.

Take a short nap. When you are at the low point of feeling exhausted and can’t see how you are going to make it to the end of the day, what is going to come of bulling through? Instead of forcing yourself to keep going, a micro-nap might be the way to go. The energy you gain back from just a small amount of shut-eye can replenish your depleted resources, when fighting through can wind up costing you hours of productivity as you groggily try and get things done.

Stand up. It’s so simple that it seems sort of silly, but standing up when your head is about to hit the desk and taking a second to stretch out can help keep your blood flowing. Proper blood flow to the brain will increase your feelings of vigor and alertness, and greatly contributes to your overall effectiveness, so when things are looking bad, do yourself a favor and stretch out.

Photo Credit to TCL8TO7 on Flickr

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