Bad Credit Business Tips: How to Decorate an Office on a Budget

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An office is a space dedicated to functionality. The easier it is to find the tools you need to do your job within this space, the better. For many small business owners, the office is their classroom, war room and zen temple all in one, necessitating that they be comfortable in their space as well as able to quickly access anything they need in order to maintain their productivity during the day. However, just because the office is a utilitarian space, that does not mean that it has to be visually bleak and devoid of any personality. Some tasteful and not overly distracting decoration can make you feel more at home in your office, not to mention make a better impression on employees, business partners and potential clients who visit it for whatever reason. What usually stands in the way of decorating an office for small business owners is time. The challenges that a bad credit business loans to a manager in terms of budgeting can also stymie decorating projects. But in the end, do you really want to work in a whitewashed box, devoid of personality? It’s not very inspiring, and can potentially lead to increased stress levels and decreased motivation. Luckily, decorating an office on a budget is very possible for small business owners who put their minds to it, and it doesn’t even take that long to do it.

Before you hang anything, decide what style is appropriate for your office. This should be a concern for small business owners, because depending on who you will have in your office and what level of decorum is upheld in your corporate culture, the direction that you take in decorating can change dramatically. For example, if you are the owner of a small business that has a laid back culture and you rarely bring anyone into your office save for employees, you can adopt a more relaxed style in your space, hanging posters from your favorite movies or including conversation pieces such as non-traditional furniture and fun artwork. On the other hand, if your office is a hub for deal making and needs to set the tone for serious discussion, a more minimalist theme can be adopted, emphasizing clean lines and attractive contrasts in textures and colors, giving the space an energetic, yet tasteful feel.

Identify what functionality needs to be facilitated. If you are dialing the phone all the time, then it makes sense to place your phone on a part of your desk where it will be as easy as possible to access. Likewise, if you are filing paperwork manually, keep a stock of pens, envelopes and paperclips at arms reach. Think of your comfort and productivity from a tactical standpoint; once you have created a framework for your layout that maximized the ease with which you can do your job, then you can decorate around it.

Plants make a great contribution to any space. The wonderful thing about plants is that they can complement any space, are good for the environment, and have the potential to reduce stress and increase productivity. Another great thing about plants is the fact that they are cheap, and you can get a lot of mileage decoration-wise out of a single houseplant. Taking care of a plant will vary in difficulty depending on the breed, but generally speaking, all a plant needs to thrive is regular watering and a light source.

Re-frame old materials. Vintage materials can be recycled into eye-catching decorations for an office space through the use of collage, or as stand alone pieces that can be framed and placed on a desk or hung on a wall. If you’re purse strings are tight, buying a stack of vintage magazines off of ebay will provide you with literally hundreds of pages of material that can either be remixed into new art (if you have the time)  or taken and put up by itself. In the same vein as using older magazines, found objects, pieces purchased at swap meets and flea markets, or finds from vintage shops can all make up a part of office decoration when presented or framed correctly, and they are all cheap sources of decorations.

Think about the effects of your lighting choices. The way you light a space can hugely transform its look and feel. If you are satisfied with the physical decorations in your office, or are interested in keeping it as tidy and uncluttered as possible, think of how your choices in lighting illuminate the space, and whether or not they contribute to the way you want it to feel. As an example, Here at Horizon one of our employees was bothered by the fluorescent lighting in their office, and instead plugged in some floor lamps with a much softer, warmer light. By adding plants to the mix, they transformed the feel of the space into a much more comfortable and inviting one. Dramatically redoing your lighting can become pricey, so think about shortcuts you can take if you want to illuminate differently without breaking the bank.


Photo Credit to Sean MacEntee on Flickr


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