Bad Credit Business Tips: How Small Business Owners Can Improve Employee Safety


On the job safety is a concern for every small business owner, and for some, it’s their primary concern going into the new year. In an article on, an Employers survey was cited with the finding that 35% of the small business owners surveyed will spend the most of their time addressing safety issues in 2014. The sense of physical safety that an employee feels can dictate the turnover rate at your business, as well as how strong employee morale is and whether or not your business will be able to attract qualified new talent. On the job injuries not only can create huge productivity issues, but they can jeopardize the long term health of your employees and expose your business to legal action. Loaning time to cover some safety basics within your small business can be a good place to start asking serious questions about just how safe your small business is for those who work for you. Here are some starting tips for business owners looking to make improving the safety of their work environments a high priority this year.

Eliminate risks of slips and falls. Understanding what kinds of injuries are most likely to occur in your business is a good place to start. Many businesses don’t rely on heavy machinery, making their most present risk that employees will simply slip and fall. Any surface that has the potential to get wet and become slippery should be at least identified, and potentially made up for by laying down rubber mats or other material that can reduce the glide of the surface and loan some stability. Scan your business’s operating area for high traffic areas, steps, and especially any surface that may become slippery and then take steps to eliminate the hazard of slipping as much as possible.

Create a disaster plan, including for the possibility of fires. Fires are another major concern that almost all businesses are susceptible to. Preventing fires can be done through education, as well as training employees to double check any appliances they use to make sure that they are off and pose no risk of combustion. Keeping fire extinguishers at hand within your location is important for all business models in the even that a fire does start. If a fire or other disaster becomes out of control, you should have an evacuation plan that your employees know how to execute quickly in the even that you need to get away.

Have a first aid kit within the office. A first aid kit is simply a good thing to have around, no matter what. Business owners can visit the Red Cross website in order to find out exactly what to put into a first aid kit. It’s also not a bad idea to get your certification in first aid, so that you are prepared in the event that someone does sustain an injury within the workplace. A first aid certification class can even be scheduled within your office, so potentially planning some course after work can get your whole office certified in first aid.

Take steps to prevent crime within your office. Installing some cameras within your physical location can potentially dissuade would be criminals, but more importantly, provide some visual evidence in the case that a crime actually is committed within your office. Your employees should know how to lock up your location when they leave, and be trained to double check both physical and digital security measures in order to make the office area as safe as possible.

If having a business that is unsafe loans a higher incidence of employee dissatisfaction, know that taking visible steps to improve on the job safety can have the opposite effect, demonstrating to your workers that they are valued and that you want to make their on the job experience better.

Photo Credit to  JohnHarveyTolson on Flickr

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