Bad Credit Business Tips: Dust Off Some Older Yet Effective Marketing Techniques

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While marketing in the digital age promises a cornucopia of innovative marketing tools for small business owners, sometimes they can be overwhelming or too expensive to suit their needs. For small business owners with cash flow concerns loaned by bad credit or other financial problems, running ads through more pricey digital channels can rest out of reach. What they need is something that they can purchase with the potential to pay off without the need to invest more than they are comfortable with. While not forgotten, some more old school and less buzzed about marketing techniques can be brushed off and put to work for your business, widening the net your marketing casts in your area.

Billboard ads/ poster campaigns. The beauty of these types of campaigns is that, depending on where you put them, you can potentially buy up some ad space for relatively cheap and ensure that they are shown to people within your area, with no need to fiddle with geo-targeting settings. The impressions that you will get will vary on the location and visibility of where your poster is placed, and this method lack the ability to only target those who fall into your customer demographic, but for certain types of businesses, in particular locally based services or retailers, putting up some billboards in your area can help furnish you with some qualified leads. Advertising in bars and restaurants via poster space is another way that small business owners can put their brand out there and make it more visible to potential customers, provided they feel their demographics will be present in the areas where they advertise.

Direct mailing/ calling campaigns. Direct calls can be great for small businesses, since a qualified lead can be a lot easier to close when you are able to speak directly to a prospective customer. One of the drawbacks associated with calling is the fact that it takes time to perform each call. For business owners where this is a particular concern, direct email campaigns can represent a more “fire and forget” style option, allowing them to contact multiple leads at once. Mailing lists can also be good for building up brand engagement and loyalty, and the cost of email marketing is workable even on a tight budget.

Local tv spots. Local channels might not be the most viewed, but in order to get the word out about your business, it can be a good place to start. In fact, a clever commercial can quickly gain recognition through word of mouth, and you can complement your tv spots with hosting on your business’s website or on a Youtube channel, increasing the amount of people who will ultimately be exposed to your ad.

Print ads. Print ads can benefit small businesses that have a very specific clientele. In particular, ads that your business runs in industry specific trade magazines have the potential to appear before clients who are solidly inside your core demographic, potentially allowing you to reap the benefits of a targeted ad spend without the need to refine your targeting settings through a digital interface.


Photo Credit to Elliott Brown  on Flickr

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