Bad Credit Business Tips: Diversify your List of Influencers

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Small business owners with bad credit often feel more pressure to remain ahead of industry trends than other business owners given the sometimes fickle nature of the bad credit business financing market. For them to remain competitive and continue to grow their revenues, some innovation and an early adopter attitude can be a major boon. This being said, the fact that business owners, especially those with bad credit, are often pressed for time can make it difficult for them to find the resources and perspective they need to stay on the cutting edge. Luckily, thanks to the internet there is a wealth of information available to small business owners that can be accessed when on the go, as well as tools that can be used to get straight to the best content available, saving you some valuable time.

Let Google find content for you. Google Alerts are a busy small business owner’s best friend. Using this tool, you can specify keywords and update frequency, and Google will deliver content related to your alerts into your inbox that you can then peruse at your leisure. While some of the content that Google sends to you might not be relevant 100% of the time, in general you can use this method to discover influencers in you industry who you can then choose to check on yourself. These alerts aren’t exactly a substitute for curating your own content, but they are a great way of casting a digital dragnet that can capture articles relevant to your interests.

Go beyond the biggest names in your space. While there are bound to be big names in your space who you should look to in a pinch, don’t limit your content consumption to only a few taste makers. What’s the reason for this? Simply put, the more ideas and strategies you are aware of and are able to filter through your own strategic judgement, the better crafted your business plans will be. It’s an advantage to expose yourself to more innovation, and innovation is often first present outside of the spheres of the most established influencers who may only report on a trend once it is already widely implemented.

Read omnivorously. While you are planning your business’s growth and managing your bad credit and financing concerns, sometimes it helps to look at the problems you are facing with the benefit of a more diverse range of strategic advice. For example, while management books are printed every year, some of the strongest tactical advice comes from ancient China. The more that you consume as a bad credit business owner, the more you are able to deepen your perspective and apply insightful solutions to your small business development.

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