Bad Credit Business Tips: Creating Promotional Items that Make Sense

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When you go to a trade show, you usually leave laden with a wide assortment of promotional swag, from stress balls to miniature flashlights and everything in between. These branded materials exist in order to remind other small business owners and potential business partners of your brand, ideally so that they will reach out and kindle a business relationship in the future. While generally these gift items are created in order to serve as simple conversation pieces or keepsakes, as a savvy small business owner you’re going to want to think about ways that you can get extra value and effectiveness even out of your promotional giveaway materials. If you are running a bad credit business in particular, it is in your best interest to ensure that every project you work on has the potential to bring in extra layers of value to your small business processes and operations.

What is something that your clients are likely to actually use?  While it’s all well and good to give out items that look cool simply for the wow factor, the truth of the matter is that you are spending your money on these items in order for them to be an effective source of advertising. The best way to get your ROI is to create the greatest possible chance that your potential clients will actually use them or see someone else using them. For this reason, articles of clothing like hats, t-shirts and sunglasses can be strong choices because when someone wears them, everyone who interacts with them will see the logo of your bad credit business portrayed at a large size. Coffee mugs are another good idea, because the actual utility they present is strong enough to prevent most people from throwing them away instantly and they are at home in a business setting, potentially putting information on your business in a prime spot within the office or home of a prospective client.

What works for your target audience will vary depending on your business model. Targeting motorcycle enthusiasts with USB drives is most likely not as effective as with decal stickers, for example. That’s why you need to think of an item that will go great with the niche you are looking to influence. Bad credit businesses that have to think about costs of production as well should pay particular attention to the question of what simple objects their audience always needs more of. These objects can potentially be as simple as a packet of tissues, but you need to think critically in order to determine what has the highest cost to value ratio.

It can be better to invest in something with the potential to last over higher volume trinkets. Making a shirt with a cool logo that can be worn and re-worn, for example, will ultimately expose your brand to more people over time than a flyer or a lighter. In addition, higher quality items tend to stand out in settings like trade shows where people are going to be swamped with tons of stuff. consider what you are willing to invest and how you want it to perform for you. You may find that giving away higher quality gifts can ultimately help you make a favorable impression.

Photo Credit to Complete Merchandise on Flickr

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