Bad Credit Business Tips: Could your Business Use an App?

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Apps represent a significant step forward in the range of technologies that can allow a business to remain connected to their customers. Never before in history have consumers been able to access so much information so effortlessly. Via smart phones, much of the US is able to be constantly connected to the internet, as well as their favorite services via the proliferation of mobile apps. While apps can be expensive for small business owners to develop, they can also be highly worth it for those who work them into their business plans in a clever way. The benefit of providing your customers with an app is that they can order your products or services with the touch of a button at any time or place. By loaning your customers an app, you put your store in their pocket. In order to determine if the development of an app is the right move for your small business, here are a few guiding questions to consider.

Do you have a product or service that must be accessed frequently? The more often your customers need to call on your service, the more useful an app can become. Services like food delivery, car services, or other products that need to be ordered often make good use of app platforms, cutting down the effort required to order them and serving as an anchor for brand loyalty, as your customers are much more likely to continue to use your service if they have a dedicated app for it on their phones. Apps should ideally simplify the processes involved in ordering to the point that as soon as your customer thinks about it, they can go straight to purchasing.

Could you use an app to simplify your customer service? Another great way to use apps for business owners is by using them to take pressure off of your customer service reps. When something is ordered from your business, if the customer is able to track it using an app that will obviate the need for them to call in asking about it, saving your reps time and increasing the level of support that your business is able to give. Customer service is a large factor in fostering loyalty, so by providing an app that can handle tracking as well as provide an faq for troubleshooting, you will be putting the power into the hands of your clients as well as saving yourself money on support expenses in the long run.

Are you looking for a way to “gamify” your product? Gamification refers to adding game like aspects to a non-video game product in order to make it more engaging and fun for customers to use. If your product has aspect that could loan themselves well to a game style interface, then creating a fun and interactive app could be a good way to increase business via the metric of engagement. The more fun and interactive you make your product and brand, the better. Increasingly, businesses that are able combine their products with a little something extra in the form of engaging content are winning out by virtue of gaining following and exposure.

Photo Credit to Cristiano Betta on Flickr

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