Bad Credit Business Tips: Could your Business Use an App?

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Apps represent a significant step forward in the range of technologies that can allow a business to remain connected to their customers. Never before in history have consumers been able to access so much information so effortlessly. Via smart phones, much of the US is able to be constantly connected to the internet, as well as their favorite services via the proliferation of mobile apps. While apps can be expensive for small business owners to develop, they can also be highly worth it in those who work them into their business plans in a clever way. The benefit of providing your customers with a platform through which they can access your services at virtually any time with minimal effort is the maximization of orders and repeat business. Additionally, word of mouth can spread fast around a successful app, especially one that can be used during social situation to order something that people will share. The stunning success of Uber, for example, can be partially attributed to the word of mouth generated by those sharing rides. There are plenty of reasons why apps can be great for business, but it’s another challenge to determine if an app is right for you.

Ask your customers if an app is something they would like to see. Instead of speculating whether or not your app would be successful if you were to go ahead and develop it, you should instead be attuned to exactly what your customers are asking for. Common ways of getting customer feedback regarding the development of an app include adding incentive in the form of a contest or the distribution of something of value, such as a white paper, in return for their feedback. Getting a strong response in favor of the development of an app should speak for itself. In the case that you get an inconclusive response, you can still gauge for yourself whether or not creating an app represents a positive investment by asking yourself questions about your business and your target demographics.

Apps can be particularly powerful for businesses with a younger target demographic. It’s no surprise that Millennials are attracted to mobile platforms. Small businesses that deal a lot with younger clients may find that an app puts their brand and utilities in a stronger position to attract business from this demographic.

Apps work well when they simplify a task. One of the reasons that apps have been so popular is that they are able to simplify a more complicated process, such as ordering takeout, and turn it into something that is often finished with the click of a button. Something to consider when gauging if your business could use an app or not is whether a highly simplified ordering process will create a lot more business for you or not. For example, people order food quite frequently, and are willing to seek out and use the easiest method to place their orders. In contrast, if your business gets orders once every couple of months in bulk, there might not be any reason to create an app to simplify the process because it does not happen often enough to become truly irksome for your client base.

Apps are great for increasing engagement. Apps can be useful as a catalyst of conversation and engagement around a brand. Not all apps focus on creating conversions, some are purely for growing a community and brand awareness, in particular when it is linked with a specific campaign such as Chipotle’s Scarecrow game which created a sensation surrounding the idea of “advergames”. The creative use of apps can create serious discussion and awareness around a brand. If you already have a wide base of customers, then creating an app that can get them talking and spreading awareness of your brand might be a good reason to create an app.

Photo Credit to Cristiano Betta on Flickr

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