Bad Credit Business Tips: Can you Use Snapchat as a Marketing Tool?

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One of the greatest advantages small business owners have is their ability to quickly adapt to changing industry standards and marketing techniques, picking and choosing what works and what doesn’t much more effectively than a larger brand which usually has more inertia when it comes to making strategic decisions. An arena that small business owners are competing in very successfully is social media. Given the strong relationships that many small businesses are able to build with their customers and the either free or cheap costs of running a social media profile, even bad credit business owners are able to loan attention to the powerful source of business it represents.

One of the newer offers in the social media marketing  landscape is Snapchat. Snapchat is a unique messenger service, sending messages in the form of pictures or videos that delete themselves after a preset viewing period of a few seconds. Snapchat is popular among millennials in particular, but also sees use in other age groupsWhat makes Snapchat a great potential marketing tool is the fact that it is fresh and engaging and can be used in a large number of ways. You can get as creative using Snapchat as you care to, and the visual medium of the service combined with the built in immediacy of its self destructing messages means that a well thought out Snapchat has the potential to create a good response.

Snapchat can be used for free. This detail means that you brand can afford to use Snapchat no matter what your financial situation is like. There are currently no equivalents to promoted tweets on Snapchat, and the nature of it means that you are not likely to get found by users unless they are looking for you specifically. This being the case, it is both a difficult medium to use for brands that don’t have a decent social media following, but a more egalitarian one, making it so that there is no way to pay for an easy button that puts your snaps in front of everyone in your demographic. If your business is going to win engagement on this platform, it must do so by giving the people what they want and cross promoting the account through other forms of media.

Snapchat works well with time sensitive opportunities or other exclusive content. What will make your Snapchat popular with your customers, besides finding ways to promote them to follow it, is playing to the strengths of the medium. Exclusive content, such as sneak peaks of new products or announcements of new services as well as special offers are things that Snapchat users will be happy to get, and their “exclusivity” is only enhanced by their temporary viewing period. If you have something more important to say, adding it to your brand story will allow people to view it for a whole 24 hours. Whatever you have to say, you can find a way to say it using Snapchat, and if done correctly, you can boost a lot of engagement.

Photo Credit to Ryan Nagelmann on Flickr

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