Bad Credit Business Tips: Add Content to Add Value to Your Website

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In an article on, the future of the SEO industry was discussed as well as the role that content will continue to play in digital marketing, both for small businesses as well as larger corporations. As Google continues to improve its algorithms, its aim is to reduce the ability of SEO’s to manipulate site rankings though strategic optimization. While making sure that a site is coded cleanly, contains strong copy and is able to hold the interest of a visitor will not stop being important, it may simply become a matter of course, with major gains in SERPs progressively more difficult to engineer outside of natural improvement based on repeat and new traffic combined with social and low bounce rates.

Where does content fit in? While being able to manipulate SERPs through content overnight isn’t a realistic goal, businesses that do regularly create content should still be able to reap SEO benefits over time. In Google’s eyes, the best, most informative and relevant content should be allowed to rise. By cultivating a following business owners can indicate that their site has value, signaling to Google that it should be promoted in search results. Other relevant factors in SEO are often enhanced by the addition of engaging content as well, such as time on site and bounce rate, making it a valuable investment on multiple counts.

Content creates more pathways to your website when it is shared. The more that a business’s content is shared, the more pathways to your site are proliferated. Should content quality become more important with time (as the mashable article seems to imply) then the differences between followed and no-follow links may well diminish, making social sharing into a  more important medium and engagement into a more telling indicator of the relevance of a piece of content. A single piece of content can also be creatively recycled or re-shared, adding further value for business owners.

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