Bad Credit Business Financing: Take Advantage of Free Technologies

by / Monday, 20 October 2014 / Published in Bad Credit Business Financing

bad credit business financing

When running a business with bad credit, making something out of nothing is a skill that can come very much in handy, especially when it comes to marketing which can be very expensive when left to third party agencies. Bad credit business financing means knowing where you have to spend and where you can scale back, and fortunately for small business owners, there is a lot of functionality that they can tap into without tapping into their cash flows if they know where to look and what to do with what they have.

Be open to potential new technologies. In order to begin adopting new free technology, you have to know how to find it. Millennial employees are often a great source of ideas pertaining to a business’s use of technology, since they are usually pretty well acquainted with the use of tech in their daily lives. One example of a technology that was popularized by millennials becoming a platform for savvy marketing is Snapchat, a temporary image sharing app. The app presents a unique platform for small businesses in that it sends either a still image or short video that self-destructs after viewing, creating an engaging yet ephemeral message even more fleeting than a tweet or Facebook post. This type of technology is great for mobilizing groups of customers for a limited time only offer, building on the air of exclusivity that comes with a fleeting call to action.

Recapture the value of leads you already own. Without paying for more leads, you can gain more sales value through more reliable communications with your current customers, One way to do this is by diversifying the means you use to contact your lead lists. When you have a customer’s email and their permission to contact them, you have the opportunity to grow your social lists on a wide variety of networks. One powerful way to spread awareness of your social media accounts is through advertising a contest or giveaway via email, creating a clear incentive to belong not only to your email list, but also to your other followings, and can help your long term efforts to generate business loyalty.

Follow up with new customers via social. Customers are often the most amiable towards a business right after doing a transaction that they are pleased with. That’s one of the reasons that a customer onboarding process is so important. Following up with new customers via social media not only allows them the convenience of the medium to communicate with you, it also gives them the chance to follow you and see more of your products on showcase, even for them to share what they like about your business to their friends and family. In the digital age, this type of sharing has the potential to create a lot of exposure with a low price tag, perfect for bad credit businesses looking to create valuable networks.

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