Bad Credit Business Financing: Should you Advertise on Tier 2 Networks?

by / Tuesday, 05 August 2014 / Published in Bad Credit Business Financing

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Before we go any deeper into the question of whether or not business owners should advertise on tier two networks, we should first clarify what exactly tier two networks are in the landscape of digital advertising.

Tier one consists of only three search engines. The overwhelming bulk of internet search traffic comes from Google, Yahoo, and Bing. In fact, in a great article on the subject from Yahoo Small Business Advisor, it was stated that Google and Bing together take up 96% of all online search. This raises the question, why bother with networks that fall outside of the first tier of online search? There are a few reasons why small business owners might want to expand to using these networks, but like all PPC campaigns, they need to be effectively managed in order to create profitable return.

Tier two sites come in many varieties, making them an interesting supplement to other digital marketing. There are some tier two search sites, such as AOL, that are pretty familiar to the average web user. Others may be much more targeted to specific niches of users. To business owners who are already involved in targeting users within a range of interests. then the premise of a site where their ads can show up that already holds sway over a large percentage of their target market is one that they should be jumping at. Unlike a campaign using Google or Bing, where the targeting component of your ad campaign will essentially decide who sees it and how relevant the ad might be to them, an ad on a site that more specifically caters to a niche could already have a large part of the targeting that would occur on another site taken care of by default.

Tier two ads still need to be managed, especially if being used as a lower cost alternative to tier one PPC. While it can be tempting to look towards tier two ads as a potential area to cut costs, especially should your business have issues such as bad credit that are tying up areas of your budget, forgetting to run testing and maintenance on your ads is a recipe for wasteful spending. Since adwords is based on a bidding system, small businesses can often create high value by bidding low on localized keyword phrases, skirting the major competitions occurring around more generalized terms.

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