Bad Credit Business Financing: Is Paid Engagement Worth it?

by / Monday, 09 June 2014 / Published in Bad Credit Business Financing

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Paying for more reach on social networks is something that certain networks are moving closer towards turning into a general rule as opposed to the exception. But is paid engagement a good investment for business owners, or should they be pursuing other forms of marketing and skipping out on networks that force them to allocate their limited resources to getting content seen? The real answer is dependent on the business, of course, but with many social networks growing quickly, and the concerns that a bad credit business has in particular regarding their financing making it essential to only spend on worthwhile programs, it can be tough to justify the costs of paid reach.

What are some of the benefits of paid reach? For one thing, most paid reach on social media can be finely targeted, so in the hands of a well informed marketer it becomes a good way to put a specific message in front of a target demographic already in the process of reading content. Paid reach also allows content to be seen by consumers outside of the already established fandom of a business page, which is good for attracting new followers. With the way that certain algorithms are being tweaked, an investment in paid reach may even be necessary just to get content seen by all of a the fans a business page already has built up. Another positive that comes with paid reach is the building of brand recognition. An on-brand impression, even if it is not acted upon can still add to a potential customer’s awareness of the brand, which in turn will contribute to the likelihood that they will react to your brad when they seek out your services at a later time. The presence of both organic and promoted content in a feed has the chance to compound on the interest of a business owner, making things

There are still some significant downsides. For one thing, business owners don’t necessarily need more fans, they need more engagement. A million followers who don’t ever like, comment or share a post is not necessarily better than three hundred followers who are highly engaged. Additionally, you may not see conversions coming off of your social media interactions. Paying close attention to whether or not the referral traffic you get from social media is creating conversions will give you a clearer picture of whether or not promoted posting is going to work well for you. If you are simply trying to create traffic, then make sure social visitors aren’t bouncing with high frequency, as that can be another issue that makes the value of paying for impressions go down.

Would other networks make a better fit for those with cash flow concerns? There is certainly no shortage of social networking sites out there, but the real issue that defines which ones have the potential to be useful to small business owners is whether or not they are able to find their target customers using it. Sounding out the flow of social media users on the internet isn’t always easy, but by performing surveys and gathering as much customer information as they are able to, business owners can make educated decisions regarding where they will be able to grow a connection with their customers and have their messages heard.

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