Bad Credit Business Financing: Cost Effective Tips for Delivering your Pitch

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An article on the Huffington Post written by Sajeel Qureshi, some insight was shared on how to differentiate a small business faced with prospect of cold calling decision makers. Apart from taking the time to fine tune their small business pitch, business owners should make the effort to set themselves apart when trying to attract the attention of a decision maker who they are trying to recruit into a partnership. It was recommended that business owners think of their prospective customers in the same way that they would think of their favorite celebrities. Here’s why that piece of advice is a particularly strong one for small businesses to embrace: Thinking of the customer as a very important person is a good practice to adopt regardless, since as a business starts out making a reputation for itself and recruiting word of mouth leads, the customer service that they are known for will be one of the most important measuring sticks that clients will refer to and use as a referral basis. By “following” the decision maker that your business is trying to pitch and getting a sense of their preferences, small business owners are able to use the same general principles they would apply to targeted marketing on a pin-point level, literally customizing the pitch they give for the specific person who will make the decision regarding their business.

Editing a pitch delivery method as well as the message within it does not have to be an expensive exercise. The key to cost effective pitch delivery is making sure that you have all the pieces in place so that you can identify the exact methods that are most likely to produce results reaching out to a customer. It is this information gathering that allows business owners to only pay for the marketing that they believe will produce results for them, saving the costs associated with casting a wider net for potential clients, for example through PPC advertising on a wide range of keywords. If you are able to determine a unique fact about a target decision maker, don’t hesitate to use that information while reaching out to them for their business. It can make the difference between having them actually read your pitch or just tossing it on the discard pile.

The more that you know about a target client business, the better you will be able to anticipate their needs when they do become a client. This is a very important aspect of expectation management. If you are able to effectively anticipate the needs of your client and prepare yourself to meet them, it is a lot less likely that you will be overwhelmed by their demands since you have actively prepared yourself to meet them. Expectation management is of the utmost importance for small businesses, in particular because should a client make demands that are unable to be met and then leave due to poor communications, it represents both a significant setback both for time and for resources allocated.

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