Bad Credit Business Financing: Can your Business Afford to Miss Out on a Website?

by / Monday, 03 November 2014 / Published in Bad Credit Business Financing

bad credit business financing


Small business owners are a group who can vary widely in their familiarity with technology, from extremely adept bordering on savant, to uninterested and skeptical on a fundamental level. That being said, for small business owners in the modern age, a lack of technological inclination has gone from quirky to borderline irresponsible, as the value of e-commerce as well as the exposure that can come from having a place on the internet grows. In fact, this year is projected to be the biggest ever for e-commerce spending, something that business owners without websites have no means of tapping into.

When bad credit  business financing concerns are added to the equation, it can be harder for business owners to convince themselves to spend on a website. That said, odds are good that if they take the time to sufficiently research and plan the development of their website, it will be able to repay them for their investment. For one thing, even if their business does not easily translate to an e-commerce platform, there are still many ways of getting value out of website traffic, from sign up forms for newsletters or text alerts, to appointment scheduling or through the ability to leave a product or service review. While business owners might be discouraged from creating a site by thoughts of competing with online retail giants such as, they should realize that for many small businesses the competition really centers around local SEO terms, which, while still not easy to compete for, are much more simple to rank in than major broad terms that are dominated by corporations.

The costs of creating a site are pretty manageable even for a small business managing their credit. Developing a website is a lot easier than business owners might even realize, given that they can easily install a CMS (Content Management System) that can allow them to create a comprehensive website without any deep knowledge of coding. If they find that they don’t like WordPress for whatever reason, there are alternative CMS tools that they can experiment with until they find a comfortable fit. In the end, the exposure benefits, reduced cost of creating leads, and the fact that their customers will expect one are all reasons that should be able to overcome the initial hurdle of costs and time resources.

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