As a small business owner, one of the important lessons that you must internalize is that inspiration can come from the most unlikely sources. Failures aren’t simply failures; they are chances to pick apart what worked and what didn’t in the case of specific programs or projects. In the same way, a success should be analyzed both for the reasons it worked and the ways it could be improved. Enter spam, perhaps the most hated byproduct of the internet. From day one, marketers realized that an email inbox is a great place to catch the focused attention of possible customers. Unfortunately, a flood of non-targeted, generic and often fraudulent messages became that result, the spam filter was invented and the rest is history. However, you can still catch examples of spam emails in any given spam folder today. Just because the majority of spam emails will never be read seriously, that doesn’t meant that there aren’t any lessons to be learned from a romp through

Small businesses often have special relationships with their communities, either by virtue of having been in the area for multiple generations, providing positive impact on the lives of their customers or simply by providing quality service time and time again. In order to create positive relationships with those around them, small business owners should also take active steps towards community building in their areas. The stronger recognition and positive associations built around your business, the better you will be able to build up a loyal base for repeat business as well as referrals, which will help you maintain and grow your revenues. 1) Reach out to potential partner businesses. Your business will ultimately succeed or fail alone, but that does not mean that building up connections within your own industry and complementary industries is a waste of time. Far from it. In  fact, creating strategic partnerships with the businesses in your area can be highly mutually beneficial. for one thing, agreeing to forward referrals to businesses

While this question seems slightly out of left field, small business owners, in particular bad credit business owners who are interested in improving office functions as many ways as possible, shouldn’t laugh it off. According to a recent article published in The Guardian, smell has been linked to productivity by Japanese researchers, who found that over half of a pool of typists who could smell lemons actually made fewer errors. The smell of lavender has been linked to both productivity and stress reduction, making it another strong choice for small business owners who are interested in engaging in office aroma-therapy. The ambient aroma in your office should be part of a total package, optimized for productivity. Thinking that some new air fresheners are going to dramatically change the way that your business functions is misguided, however considering the effects that a productivity optimized workplace can have is a different story. The reason why research linking smells to productivity is so exiting is that it introduces a

How much traffic your website gets daily is an extremely important metric, and one that business owners must watch carefully lest they find that their website is simply getting no views. While, depending on how much work you have put into SEO for your site, the size of your business and the size of the area that you serve, your traffic will be either naturally stronger or weaker, no matter what the more traffic you get, the better chance you give yourself to produce quality connections and business opportunities. While things like increasing your SEO and building links is an important part of growing your traffic stats, there are other considerations to make including the creation of real value that your small business’s customers can appreciate and share. Go beyond the creation of simple promotional materials. Creating articles containing insights and perspective unique to your small business is one powerful way to increase traffic. This practice is known as content marketing, and it is a particularly

Crucial to all business, market research is a way to take the temperature of your target demographic and get a better idea of how your products and services will perform. A well managed market research campaign can be extremely helpful for small business owners, but with that being said, small business owners need to loan special scrutiny to what kind of data they are collecting, lest they fall victim to an incomplete data set. What is the danger posed by erroneous data? The real danger to small business owners that incomplete data presents is the potential for a mirage like effect misleading them and convincing them to allocate funds to projects that will not be able to pay off. For example, sending an employee to do market research on paint colors, they come back reporting that out of 100 people, 84 of them preferred yellow. This data at face value implies that yellow paint will be a big seller, but what is not obvious is where

As a small business expands, business owners become more and more busy and an find themselves removed from some of the more hands on managerial work that they used to do, instead focusing on business growth opportunities and forging strategic partnerships. However, that does not mean that a lack of oversight should prevail among your employees and managers. The way that your business needs to function should be widely understood by all levels of your staff, allowing them to more effectively do their jobs and avoid mistakes. At a certain point in the growth of your small business, it is important that you create a document that records your operations and can serve as a training manual for future hires. Eventually, depending on the route you want to take for your small business, you might need an operational manual in order to create a basis for building a franchise, so knowing just what makes your business work and recording it is extremely important no matter

One of the core commitments your small business needs to promote is dedication to improving the experience of your customers. A better level of service and accountability on the part of a business creates a base for repeat customers and referrals (in particular a bad credit business loans a valuable base of revenues to itself through CRM). Obviously,  not every business has a high standard of customer service in place, but why is that? Generally, poor customer service can stem from a few common issues, which, once identified can be addressed. If you are looking to improve your levels of customer service, then correctly identifying the areas that need improvement in your business is the best place to start. With that in mind, here are some of the most common issues small businesses have that get in the way of their customer service. A lack of training on the part of their staff. This is probably the most common issue that contributes to an unhelpful, or

Not all businesses are suit and tie affairs, in fact, there are many small businesses that chose to embrace a more casual atmosphere. There are plenty of benefits that come along with a business casual dress code, or no dress code at all. For one thing, allowing your employees to dress the way they want can save them money, make them feel more at home in the office, and allow them to express their personalities and preferences. However, the downside of a casual atmosphere is the potential for distractions and a lack of productivity at a small business that has lost its sense of being a workplace. Ideally, as a small business owner you want to create an engaging yet open atmosphere without allowing order to break down or too much time to be spent on socializing instead of work. Here are some ways that you can contribute a defined focus to your small business without taking away the privileges that your employees enjoy. Designate

Much of the advice we give on this small business blog is centered around the improvement of communications between small business employees and management. Effective communications carries a slew of additional benefits, from reduced instances of employee conflict on the job, to a higher level of productivity and stronger identification of potential pitfalls or business constraints. Whether you are running a bad credit business or are loaning yourself another income stream through expansion projects, the keys to your success lie within the communications you have with your team and your clients. Fortunately, it’s not overly difficult for small business owners to improve the ways that they relay information on the job, all they need to do is think strategically and look for simple solutions. Get on a chat client. During the day, you want your employees to be able to remain in a productive state for as much time as possible, and that means providing them with the information that they need without having to have

When you run a small business, being afraid to think outside the box isn’t going to do you any favors. While playing by the book can potentially help you create a framework for operations and organization within your business, at a certain point in the growth of your enterprise you will have to define your own unique selling points and ways of doing things. To that end, you should think of how you deploy the capital you acquire moving forwards. Alternatives to bad credit business loans are increasingly providing small business owners with fast and reliable access to liquid capital, which, thanks to a lack of restrictions on how it can be spent, is perfect for business owners looking to invest in out of the box branding and marketing initiatives. In order to determine the best way to deploy the capital that you gain through a bad credit friendly business financing product, some planning and thought is required on your part. What makes creativity so

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