Working capital can represent a serious constraint for publicly traded companies. Without sufficient capital, they may stand on the wrong side of gaps in capacity with no clear way to bridge them. In the case that they require an immediate acquisition of new equipment, personnel or software in order to pursue growth opportunities, but cannot allocate all of their resources to pursuing this growth, they are faced with a dilemma. Is it better to bet on your success with everything you have, placing the cash flows of the business up against a project’s ability to perform, or is it better to wait until the business is robust enough to approach the former constraint, assuming it is not too late to complete the project? That decision depends on many factors that business owners must be ale to gauge, but simply knowing that they are able to obtain capital is helpful when evaluating options. Use working capital to fuel high return investments. Identifying what avenues are the most

Your business relies on your best employees in order to be able to expand. The talent that you can cultivate is a huge asset, but in order to fully reap the rewards of investing in potential, your business must be able to retain the talent that you help to grow. One of the greatest things about small businesses is that, thanks to the fact that they are smaller and often much more collaborative than corporations they are able to foster a deeper sense of employee contribution and engagement. When it comes to keeping the employees you have worked hard to train, the unique positioning of a small business offers the means of sweetening the pot for talent outside of the money involved in the equation. Salary is important, but ultimately not the only deciding factor in whether or not an employee will stay. The temptation of a higher paying position will often be enough to induce an employee to wander to greener pastures, however, it’s certainly

Our vices can often take on a love-hate dynamic when they become ingrained in our behavior. On the one hand, many small business owners can probably relate to the instant sense of relief that comes along with their first few sips of morning coffee, but many are probably also wondering if they are putting themselves at risk by consuming caffeine on a daily basis. Caffeine enjoys a relatively unique place in our culture. It is a stimulant, and when taken in large doses can potentially be dangerous, but is also widely available even to minors who cannot drink alcohol or consume tobacco products, making it the drug that the widest range of Americans are able to freely access. Whether or not caffeine consumption has a positive or negative effect on small business owners varies on a case by case basis, but in general, according to a study put out by the Cardiff School of Psychology in the UK, caffeine consumption can have positive effects when

While many small business owners realize that they need to have websites in order to take advantage of the great visibility available to them through the internet, not nearly as many will understand the nuts and bolts that go in to the creation and maintaining of a website. Not understanding coding is one thing, but when it comes to basics such as hosting and whether or not you are the owner of your domain name, being clueless can get you into some deep trouble should things go wrong down the road. In order to make sure that you are firmly behind the wheel of your digital destiny, here are the three things that you need to verify about your small business’s website right now. Do you own your domain name? Believe it or not, assuming that you own the domain name of your website could be a major mistake if it turns out that you are actually only leasing it. If you are somehow barred from

While marketing in the digital age promises a cornucopia of innovative marketing tools for small business owners, sometimes they can be overwhelming or too expensive to suit their needs. For small business owners with cash flow concerns loaned by bad credit or other financial problems, running ads through more pricey digital channels can rest out of reach. What they need is something that they can purchase with the potential to pay off without the need to invest more than they are comfortable with. While not forgotten, some more old school and less buzzed about marketing techniques can be brushed off and put to work for your business, widening the net your marketing casts in your area. Billboard ads/ poster campaigns. The beauty of these types of campaigns is that, depending on where you put them, you can potentially buy up some ad space for relatively cheap and ensure that they are shown to people within your area, with no need to fiddle with geo-targeting settings. The

The return of the polar vortex has seen many business owners once more forced to contend with subzero temperatures and an abundance of snow. While in some areas the snow and cold are mild enough to allow businesses to remain open, there are other businesses that have been forced to close either because of the white stuff piling up and gumming up transportation, or because their areas have not been able to adequately prepare for post-snowfall response. Issues related to business loans another source of anxiety to owners who are already worried about being snowed in, as every day they are not in operation is a day that revenue is lost. Still, there are things that small business owners can do in order to keep their businesses running in the right track even during snow days. Here are some ideas: Do you have power and internet? Then  you can still work with your employees. While the neighborhood is covered in snow, you and your employees can

For some small business owners, their internet marketing game is slightly off. It may be that their SEO isn’t strong enough and they are not appearing in local search results. It could also be the case that they don’t have a layout that is developed enough, or one that cannot support mobile browsing, becoming a jumble of code when displayed on a smart phone. For these small business owners, it could be to their benefit to finance a website audit. Before you consider using alternatives to bad credit business loans for a project like this, there are a few things that you need to ask yourself in order to determine if the project will truly be beneficial to you or not. Here’s what you should ask. Will a stronger website help to create more conversions? One of the major benefits of a website that is properly optimized is that it is able to create leads and conversions for small business owners under the right circumstances, potentially

As more and more commerce takes place online, the growth of the total market as reported by to $67.0 billion for a 3.6% increase from 3rd quarter 2013 loans small business owners an idea of just how fast commerce is becoming a driving force in the shaping of our digital world. One of the main contributors to the rising popularity of E-commerce is the diversity of business models that the internet is able to support. An article on the rise of the subscriptions services market showcases just one of the ways that innovative business models can be supported by the depth of the market reachable on the internet. However, aside from the obvious benefits of an internet based small business model, the low costs of entry into the digital commerce space also are making it an attractive business model in 2014. With most banks wary of providing start up capital to all but the most qualified entrepreneurs, a digital model that can be successfully

Without turning to bad credit business loans or other financing, there are still many projects that small business owners can use in order to improve and not break the bank. is a website that perfectly exhibits the wide variety of projects that can be pursued, all with a budget in the price range of a sandwich. Everything on the website comes for a flat rate of $5, often with options to double orders or add on extras for some additional cash. Within the spectrum of gigs, almost anything that small business owners desire to improve can be worked on. From out of this veritable sea of offerings, we’ve taken the time to select five worthy offerings to give you an idea of the scope of what is available on the site. If you are interested in getting some interesting bang for your buck, then you should investigate the many offerings on the website yourself. Create an infographic. This offer is handy for small business owners

The choice between investing in education and becoming a small business owner is frequently a real one that must be faced by those whose assets dictate one path or the other. At least in the beginning of running a business, one may be forced to allocate their assets into one project or the other. However, after a business crosses a certain threshold of profitability, the equation changes once more. Small business owners once again must determine if pursuing a degree is worth investing in, or if they should continue to run their business without going back to school. In order to make it easier for small business owners weighing their options to decide, we have organized a few telling questions that can help them evaluate whether or not a higher level of education is something they should consider investing in. Would a higher level of education allow you to practice a deeper specialization? For some small business owners, going to school is the best way to

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