As Facebook Ads Deliver Less for More Money, Small Businesses Most Effected

by / Monday, 11 August 2014 / Published in Bad Credit Business Financing

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While Facebook holds sway over one of the largest and most engaged social media audiences, access to the feeds of its users has become an increasingly hot, and pricey commodity. Many small business owners are learning a tough lesson as the social media giant throttles the organic reach of its business pages in a move to force advertisers to invest in paid reach. The question of whether or not Facebook’s organic business page reach has been pushed back has been raised earlier this year, but has now gone from speculation to reality as marketers report almost non-existent views being won by their non-promoted content.

Facebook is delivering less and charging more. According to numbers reported by The Hub, the average price of a Facebook ad increased by 123% over last year, while in the same period ad impressions decreased by 25%. For small business owners, paying more for less is simply option, especially when business financing is still so tough to get from traditional banking institutions and the economy has not fully recovered from the depths of the Great Recession. Instead of becoming embroiled in the bidding war over Facebook ad space that large corporations are able to wade into to slug it out, small businesses are going to have to identify where they can still create value for their marketing dollars.

What are the possible contenders that will push out Facebook? Twitter ads, in contrast to Facebook ads, have gotten cheaper. Whereas Twitter ads were more typically suited to corporations and previously were cost prohibitive to many small businesses, learning how to optimize them and take advantage of their targeting capabilities can be a strong move for small business owners as  substitute for Facebook ads  while their prices drop. Other social media networks, including G+, may also begin to get more attention since optimization of local G+ pages can pay useful dividends to small business owners who put in the time to work on them.

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