Are you Ready to Use Linkedin’s Long Form Posting?

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Linkedin is a social network for professionals, and thus is mostly devoid of the purely social content shared on Facebook, with the predominant focus being on sharing relevant perspectives and expertise related to business. For entrepreneurs, it  can be a great tool for meeting influencers and establishing a positive reputation as a knowledgeable member of your industry. One tool for sharing expertise on Linkedin is their long form posting tool, which allows business owners to share more detailed articles than through posting a status update alone.

What are the benefits of long form posting as opposed to sharing a blog post? When you post a long form article to Linkedin, there are a few unique benefits that make it a viable option as opposed to simply sharing a post that you wrote on your business blog. According to Linkedin’s page on long form posting, a long form post doesn’t expire, rather, it is displayed as a link on your profile, meaning that it has a lot more staying power than just copying and pasting a blog link, while still being shared with your network. In addition, long form posts can be searched on and off Linkedin, making them much more visible than an update. Last but not least, people who are not your connections are still able to read and follow your long form posts, making them a potentially powerful tool for establishing and growing your reputation as an influencer.

What should you write about? Since long form posts have the potential to be read by a much wider range of people than a simple update, you should focus on writing a high quality piece of content that you think would resonate with someone even if they don’t know who you are and are unfamiliar with your professional background. Generally, commenting on your industry through weighing in on trends, giving well reasoned advice or how-to tips, or providing strategy advice that can help people avoid common industry pitfalls are the types of content that work well with long form publishing. Think of ways to demonstrate a high degree of competence and industry knowledge and be aware that what you s essentially attached to your digital resume in the same way that a portfolio would be. Make yours into something that you can be proud of.

You may wish to serialize your posts. By breaking your posting up into weekly or biweekly updates on your industry or on your business projects, you can continue to publish great content and build a following that is interested in hearing what you have to say. You can turn your Linkedin posts into a business journal, or publish a how to guide, or think of something completely out of the box. It’s important to be yourself and embrace the uniqueness of your perspective, since it is that uniqueness which will allow you to and attract the positive attention that you are looking for.

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