A Quick and Dirty Powerpoint Infographic Tutorial

by / Thursday, 21 August 2014 / Published in Productive Business Tips

making an infographic

This infographic took all of 15 minutes to create, and while it is simple and unpolished, the point is to demonstrate that you can create something of your own with a minimal time investment, or spend a bit longer to make it look even higher quality.

Additional Tips:

  • When dropping background shapes in step 2, right click on the shapes and click “send to back” in order to allow your text to appear in front of the shape.
  • You can change both the width and height of your slide in order to fit more information onto it.
  • There are many additional effects that you can add onto shapes beyond simply changing their size and color, for example, the glow around the lightning bolts in the above infographic.
  • You can use preset textures and gradients when choosing a background in step 4, or you can create your own background using photoshop or Ms paint and upload it. Be aware that if you go this route,you should try to make sure that your background is the same size as your slide to avoid warping or clipping.
  • In order to create an image that you can use out of your finished slide, enter presentation viewing mode and then take a screenshot. You can then crop the screenshot in a paint program, or if possible, crop using a selection tool while taking the screenshot itself.

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