A look back at nature month on the Horizon Business Funding Blog

by / Sunday, 02 June 2013 / Published in Green Business, Outdoor Business

For the month of May The Horizon Business Funding Blog loaned its pages to the great outdoors and the industries that help you enjoy it. Today we will look back at what we’ve learned.

Photo by DeclanTM on Flickr. Click the image for more form this photographer.

  1. Bike share stalls have sprouted up around New York CIty. Although the intiative polled well, not everyone is happy.
  2. The most complex shoe shopping experience is likely the search for the perfect hiking boot. Style may not be the primary concern here – but there is a lot to consider.
  3. According to Ibis World’s Market Research Report on the Scuba Diving Instruction the industry brought in $459 million in revenue in 2012.
  4. Nature loving chefs are loaning new life to ‘Rust Belt’ food scene
  5. Unique trees can be sought after for their size, shape or sheer rarity and can cost tens-of-thousands of dollars.
  6. YouTube loans ‘landscaping design ideas’
  7. Cicadas loan evolutionary insight, and some argue investment advice
  8. According to Ibis World, fence and swimming pool construction is a $44 billion industry in the United States.
  9. Following the damaging storms of the last few years The State of New York formed an organization dedicated to helping small businesses most directly impacted by the storms.
  10.  According to the The Independent Bike Blog 76% of brick and mortar bicycle dealers polled in  a recent survey said internet price competition is a “major problem.”
  11. For some people warm weather means one thing: barbecue.
  12. Electric bicycle business loans look at bike filled urban future
  13. Sunscreen sales are nearly $1 billion each year
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