7 Reasons Website Analytics are a Bad Credit Business's Best Friend

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At a glance, you can tell how many people are standing in your store, as well as identify their demographics with a fairly high degree of accuracy. But what about your website? A business owner can’t simply pop their head into cyberspace and take a look at who is checking out their products, right? Actually, this level of insight and more is available for small business owners through the many web analytics tools out there. For businesses where credit issues are a concern, foregoing the use of analytics tools is foolhardy. Still not convinced? Here are seven quick reasons why analytics should be in use in your small business.

1) It’s free. Getting a basic Google Analytics account is free, and easy to set up, so if cost was a concern surrounding analytics, it shouldn’t be.

2) It removes doubt. You will have no real way of knowing how much traffic your website gets without analytics, unless you use conversions as a ballpark indicator of traffic volume. Instead of wondering why you get more conversions one day than another, find out exactly what patterns changed.

3) You may have different demographics than you are aware of. Once you take a look at the traffic to your website, you may discover that you are getting visits from a demographic outside of what you would expect. Awareness of all the possible channels that you can market through will allow you to take advantage of as much profit potential as possible.

4) You can identify your best copy. Don’t wonder what pages of your website are the main sellers, instead, identify the strongest pages and then use them as templates for improving your other pages. Chances are good that if one of your pages is creating a lot more conversions than your other pages, creating more links to that page can increase it’s effectiveness.

5) Strengthen your local search dominance. Using Analytics, you can easily identify local search traffic and even look at visits to your website in real time. For businesses with poor credit who are competing for a finite number of local clients, this is a very strong tool.

6) Become familiar with mobile optimization. Identifying your mobile traffic, as well as referrals from sites like Yelp and other listing services that local customers use to locate your services. As you update your Yelp profiles and streamline your mobile store’s appearance, you can see your positive results reflected in your traffic.

7) Analytics tells you what works. If someone told you that you could invite a person to dinner who would tell you exactly who visited your website and what they looked at, for free, you would invite them over. With analytics, that person can become your website’s best friend with the added benefit of never overstaying their welcome. There is no reason to neglect analytics, but there are plenty of reasons to implement its use.


Photo Credit to Super Bond1 on Flickr

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