6 Reasons Why Small Business Owners Should Retweet Each Other

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Small business owners will often have a very love/ hate relationship to social media. One day they will be thrilled to find a slew of new followers, the next they might be grousing that the time they spend managing their presences was all wasted. Ultimately, any way that they can make using and building a following on social media easier is something pretty much 100% of them would be interested in. One way for them to do just that is through looking at the businesses in the same position as themselves and reaching out. In order to show why small business owners should have each others backs when it comes to their marketing efforts, here are seven reasons why small business owners should retweet each other (and like, and reblog, etc.)

1) It builds small business awareness. The  concept of raising awareness of small businesses and promoting shopping local isn’t exactly novel, but that doesn’t mean that your business should sit on the sidelines. When you support other small businesses, you help spread awareness among consumers and encourage them to support unique companies with unique perspectives with their patronage. Ultimately, the more people support small businesses, the better for you and your social media connections.

2) You will get retweeted too. The mentality of you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours is highly prevalent on social media networks. It’s not enough to simply produce content and leave it at that. Business owners also must pay attention to interacting with others on social channels, otherwise it is likely that their content will never reach its full sharing potential. When you engage with other small businesses, you are reaching out to people who are in the same position as you, and may be more likely to return the favor out of gratitude.

3) Small businesses produce great content. Not only is it a good thing to help promote other local  and small businesses, it can also be a great thing for your followers. Given the fact that small businesses will often have unique and well informed perspectives on happenings both in and around their industries, choosing to promote small business created content can turn out to be a strong strategic move for keeping the content you promote fresh and engaging.

4) It opens the door to other opportunities. Social media is essentially about conversations. When you promote another business, you are starting a conversation that has the potential to progress as far as you let it. You never know when your next tweet will  be the catalyst to creating a strong brand alliance. As small businesses are often inclined to help each other out, using social media as a way to create opportunity should not be discounted.

5) It creates more variety in your feed. While it might be tempting to simply post your own content and leave it at that, the issue is that this can quickly lead to a sort of monotony if not broken up with other perspectives or subjects. While people want to be able to expect and depend on a certain standard of content, they don’t necessarily want to read the same things over and over again. Injecting some variety into what you post can make your profile more of an all around hub of information as opposed to something people check once in a while.

6) You will get more chances to see what people respond to. The more content that you put out there, the better your sense of what people will respond to will become. As you see what kind of articles create the most engagement, you will be able to fine tune your own content to create stronger responses. It’s a solid way of gaining more of a sense of what your fans are looking for without the need to create a higher volume of content yourself.

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