5 Simple Halloween Ideas to Make your Office Festive on a Budget

by / Thursday, 09 October 2014 / Published in Small Business Advice

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Halloween is rapidly approaching, and if you don’t enjoy the season now, then it may quickly pass you by. Having fun at your small business should not overshadow budget management or productivity, but engaging in some Halloween activities within reason can give your team a boost of morale and bring you closer together, increasing your ability to work effectively. Here are five low budget ideas that can get your team in the spirit of Halloween in the next couple of weeks.

Bring in some special snacks. A special treat in the break room is always something that is well received, and you can choose the level that you want to take this idea to from simply buying some snacks to preparing them yourself. You might also want to involve your employees, allowing them to volunteer to bring something in so that there is more to go around for everyone.

Have a costume day. Casual Friday is an old business trope, but you can take it further this year by having a costume day. Be sure to clarify what kinds of costumes are appropriate, but at the same time be flexible in allowing your employees to be themselves. While costumes have the potential to be distracting, if you limit them to a single day and prioritize and assign clear goals, you should be able to avoid significant lost productivity while significantly boosting morale in the office.

Have a photo contest. A photo contest allows your employees to demonstrate some creative flair in a healthy competition. Prizes can be anything from a day off to a gift card to simple bragging rights. The changing seasons and the visually interesting nature of Halloween decorations makes photo a great and simple medium to use for a contest, but you can substitute your own ideas that may be more in tune with your unique company culture.

Bob for apples. Simple to set up, safe and fairly ridiculous to do, bobbing for apples is a traditional Fall activity. While it might seem out of place in a business context, that is exactly the reason why it can be a great team building activity. Your employees can encourage each other, and seeing each other look silly going after apples in a bucket breaks down the walls that people can put up at work which impede communication. If you are feeling like doing something very different to shake things up this year, why not suggest this idea to your employees and see what they think.

Set up a donation. Donation is a great way to give back, so pick out a local cause and then set up a Halloween drive in your office. It’s a way to embrace the season without any of the distraction of games or contests, and can make you and your employees feel closer through making a positive difference in the lives of those around you. If you would like to bring the Halloween spirit into the office, giving to a drive is a good choice that doesn’t have the ability to hamper your productivity.

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