5 Quick Ways Small Business Owners Can Reward Themselves at the End of the Week

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A tough week loans business owners some material for reflection, as well as a good reason to unwind a bit and reward themselves for their efforts. Running a business can be hectic, so in order to avoid burning out, try one of these five simple ways to reward yourself at the end of a particularly busy week.

Go for a run, stretch, or work out. One of the best and healthiest ways to reduce stress levels is to simply sweat it out. Working out has both long term health benefits, and short term benefits in the form of mood boosting endorphins. Simple stretching is also good for those who don’t feel up to a more intense workout. Stretching can also help to counteract the negative effects of a desk job and sitting stationary for long hours at a time.

Have a piece of dark chocolate. Unlike milk chocolate, dark chocolate is lower in sugar and contains antioxidants. Eating a couple pieces after a long day will have the benefit of satisfying chocolate cravings as well as remove any guilt associated with eating sweets, since according to fitday.com dark chocolate is good for brain health, cardiac health and blood sugar control.

Listen to music. Nothing’s more simple and relaxing then putting on a good song and loaning some time to simply enjoying yourself. Relaxing music will calm your nerves, and according to Lifehacker, can even help to foster creative though. The “Mozart Effect” refers to the ability of some  types of classical music to foster increased mental activity. While it’s not a miracle stimulant, music will always be a relaxing and enriching experience.

Plan a vacation. This in and of itself is not really a reward, but small business owners are often so busy with their schedules and planning their next move that they never get around to planning their time off. That’s why, at the end of a particularly tough week, it can be good for business owners to lay down some concrete plans for a future trip. Clear your plans ahead and make things work. You may find that knowing you have a break ahead can help you to approach your responsibilities from a reinvigorated standpoint.

Reconnect with an old friend. One way to make the end of the week better is to reach out to someone who you are close to who you have not spoken with in a while. Making plans to see someone who you miss, or even just sharing a phone call can make you feel better and help you to start off the weekend in a good place. Strengthening friendships is always a good idea, and is a powerful way to help take your mind off of the hustle and bustle that surrounds you each day in the course of running your business.

Photo Credit to Gail on Flickr

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