5 Bargains on Fiverr for Small Business Owners to Check Out

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Without turning to bad credit business loans or other financing, there are still many projects that small business owners can use in order to improve and not break the bank. Fiverr.com is a website that perfectly exhibits the wide variety of projects that can be pursued, all with a budget in the price range of a sandwich. Everything on the website comes for a flat rate of $5, often with options to double orders or add on extras for some additional cash. Within the spectrum of gigs, almost anything that small business owners desire to improve can be worked on. From out of this veritable sea of offerings, we’ve taken the time to select five worthy offerings to give you an idea of the scope of what is available on the site. If you are interested in getting some interesting bang for your buck, then you should investigate the many offerings on the website yourself.

Create an infographic. This offer is handy for small business owners looking for a low cost graphic to include on their websites, in a presentation or in a blog post. Infographics are an engaging way of sharing information on your product, service or issue related to your industry, with all the information of a fully fledged report distilled into the easy to consume format of an image. Check out this deal here.

Engage in out of the box marketing. The things that you can have done promoting your business on Fiverr are almost unlimited. If you have an idea for a cool video or other idea that you want to use to promote yourself, then with a little bit of searching and ingenuity you will probably find what you are looking for. For example, you can spell the name of your company out using letters created by the human body, or hire a spokesperson to deliver your pitch.

Upgrade your business’s technology. Your business can be taken to the next level by being upgraded technologically, whether you already have a strong web presence or you are simply getting started, you will be able to find some interesting projects to work on. Whether you are interested in upgrading your website by adding a blog, updating your CMS, or integrating social media, you can find gigs that can help you start out.

Reach out to a new demographic. It’s important to keep growing the target audience that consumes your products. For this reason, branching your service out into different avenues of communication is essential. Small business owners can tap into new markets by translating their websites or producing copy in different languages, such as Spanish.

Review your current strategies. If you are pretty content with what you are currently working on, but want some extra assurance that you’re moving in the right direction, then you can request anything from an SEO audit to a revision of your business plan. Trading a five spot for some invaluable advice is a pretty good bargain by anyone’s estimation.


Photo Credit to LASZLO ILYES on Flickr


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