3 Ways to Share Small Business Expertise that Create Leads

by / Wednesday, 30 July 2014 / Published in Small Business Financing

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A business may be getting a fair amount of traffic to its website, but in and of itself traffic can’t keep a business running. Visitors need to be turned into leads, and there are a wide number of factors that can effect their willingness to do so. One core concept of content marketing is that valuable content and the appearance of being a trusted source enhances your ability to win business. Putting content to work has benefits in terms of SEO, branding, and social media growth, but using content to create leads specifically is also a viable strategy, provided that your content is of a high enough quality to merit serious interest. Here are three techniques business owners can use to turn their content into a catalyst for lead creation.

1) Gate your best content. Gating content forces visitors to provide information in exchange for the ability to read a full article. While gating all of your content will more likely than not wind up annoying and frustrating your visitors, it is possible to gate only what you deem to be “premium” content, allowing readers to experience your other content in order to build up their desire to see the rest. This can also be  taken a step further through the creation of white papers available for download which can be gated for fields like email address and phone number.

2) Include a call to action in your content. Whether or not your call to action is for a follow up to a survey question or to join your mailing list, including one can help underline the follow up actions that you require to establish contact with your prospective clients. Adding a sign up form to the bottom of blog pages or including exclusive offers in relevant posts can help funnel leads directly from the stream of readers you attract with your content.

3) Use targeted promotion to get your content in front of the right readers. Social media targeting allows business owners to get down to minutia when choosing how to target their content. For example, a business can choose to target people within a specific fan group for a complementary product or service, putting them directly in line with those who are most likely to want to interact with their business.

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