3 Ways Small Business Owners can Fine Tune a Sales Pitch

by / Wednesday, 16 April 2014 / Published in Productive Business Tips

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When your business hinges on the ability of sales people to perform, it is in your best interest to create a script that you can share with your team as a guideline to positive interactions that lead to conversions. Distributing leads to those who can use them is one thing, but your endgame should be enabling all of your sales reps to become star players on your team. The stronger your script is, the faster your reps will be able to jump in to making more sales upon being hired, and even your best salespeople will fall back on a strong script from time to time. This is especially true if your team encounters a standard set of objections or questions with a high degree of frequency. When they already know the best answer to give a concerned customer, it can help them regain control of the situation with poise and politeness.

When creating a pitch, identify the concerns of your client. A pitch is not an excuse for a rambling monologue on the part of your employees. Rather, it is a chance for your team to illustrate how the product or service you are offering can help to address the issues that your customer has. For this reason, you should begin your pitch with some questions for your client in an attempt to gather information about their needs and their situation. Why is this important? Because when you know what they need, you are in a much stronger position to demonstrate how the resources you are offering can help address those needs.

Have your employees share what has worked for them. While a pitch may be static while written on paper, it should not be so in the minds of your sales team. Rather, they should constantly be re-evaluating and tweaking their methods of presentation according to what their customers respond to, then sharing their successes and skill sharing with the rest of your organization. The more thought and experience  that backs a standard pitch, the better it will reflect the real situations that your team will face when interacting with clients.

Close with action. The goal of a sales conversation is to get a customer to complete a desired action at the end of the discussion. While it is important to foster a two way dialogue between a customer and a rep and to behave with professionalism and courtesy in each interaction, you should define a set of follow up actions that your sales team should recommend to the client as a final call to action at the end of their conversation. Think strategically about what is reasonable to ask for, and what is the most important follow up for your business’s goals.

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  1. I enjoyed this succint, 3-step process very much. I’ve been reading ‘Cold Calling is a Waste of Time’ by Frank Rumbaskas, and one thing he says to drop is the long tale about the company. He says that most executives don’t have time or patience for long spiels, and this definitely gets to the point. Thanks so much for sharing this.

    All the best,
    Leslie Denning, The Home Biz CEO

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