3 Ways Small Business Owners Are Probably Over-Thinking their Content

by / Monday, 05 May 2014 / Published in Small Business Marketing

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There are many reasons why small business owners choose to engage in content creation, and just as many, or more, why they claim that they cannot spend the time they need to continue producing it. Even the perception that creating content will take a long time can contribute to small business owners dragging their feet, feeling reluctant to approach the task regardless of how much they can stand to gain. The perception that content takes a long time to produce stems largely from the fact that good, readable SEO optimized content does take a long time to create, however, there are ways that small business owners can speed things up, and one of the biggest is by stopping their tendency to over-think their content creation.

Don’t agonize about how to be yourself. The true value of your content apart from the benefits that it can bring your business in terms of traffic and reputation building is its ability to give your customers a sense of your business’s underlying personality and voice.  Business owners can get caught in the trap of trying to overly stylize their content or shoehorn it into a form that they have seen and appreciated themselves, but they should really be identifying and accentuating their unique voice. Many business owners become frustrated spending lots of time creating content that winds up blending into the crowd, while if they had gone with their instincts and been more “themselves” then they might have appeared more unique.

Stop trying to beat readers over the head with keywords. Don’t misunderstand, keywords are certainly important, and picking the right ones is its own art form. That being said, small business owners can become pre-occupied with using the keywords they have selected and forget that they are writing something that someone will eventually read. Choppy, overly keyword stuffed copy often takes a lot longer to write than something coming from a genuine place of interest and relevance. If you are finding it difficult to write about the keywords you have prioritized for your small business, that may be an indicator that they are not as natural a fit as you might have hoped.

You’re worried that your approach is not in style. There will always be a conception of the “right way” to do your marketing, and small business owners can get caught up in a constantly evolving arms race for creating clicks, which is not always helpful for protecting your user experience. Businesses are right to keep an eye out for trends that can be of use to them, and maintaining a healthy list of influencers is a great idea, but following each trend that comes along is a great way to confuse your reader base. What small business owners should be sure to bear in mind is that authenticity can be their x factor.

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