3 Ways Home-Based Businesses can Compete Online

by / Monday, 16 June 2014 / Published in Small Business Marketing

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Choosing to work from home can be the best decision you’ve ever made, putting both the freedom to be you own boss and the freedom to completely manage your work environment into your hands. But running a home based business brings its own set of unique challenges along, which must be dealt with in order to give the business a chance to grow. For example, home based businesses can often have difficulty getting financing from traditional banks, and it can be tough for busy owners to manage remote employees. These problems are ones that are less prevalent among brick and mortar businesses where a location allows the owner more control over employee clock time, and the physical location comforts some, but not all loan providers. Outside of challenges caused by a work from home lifestyle, there are plenty of ways the small business actually can gain an advantage from running their business from their homes.

No commute means more efficient social media presences. Your customers are going to be using social media on their own schedules, and not during the normal 9-5 when many of them are working at their own jobs. Since your office is your home, and visa versa, you are able to monitor your business’ s social media accounts whenever you want to, allowing you the ability to schedule regular times during the day to post, comment and respond to comments and bookmark your favorite activity.  The ability to devote more consistent times to social media management is a major boon, since you are going to be relying on your digital presence much more heavily given that you do not have a brick and mortar location. Fostering engagement with content on your site as well as with your presence on various social media sites can bring you the attention needed to get the word out about your business.

Home based business experience makes for great blog content. Your experience as a home business owner, as well as your expertise managing the business you own are both valuable areas where you can take your experiences and turn them into the basis for awesome blog posts. A blog is an important part of a business website because of its potential for sharing and traffic creation in its own right, as well as the potential for business owners to leverage their fresh content for stronger SEO. Many people desire a work from home lifestyle, and you can feel good knowing that sharing your experience benefits you as well as the visitors to your website.

Saving on location based costs means you can allocate to user experience for your website. The reason why many people start home based businesses in the first place is because they want to save on costs. Without a physical location, a website stands in for the store-front that you would otherwise have. It makes sense to invest in it more than you might if you had a physical store to go along with it. Making the user experience as optimized as possible can help to create more conversions which in turn can lead to repeat clients that you can build the framework for growth around.

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