3 Ways Business Owners can Remember to Be Thankful this November

by / Wednesday, 05 November 2014 / Published in Business Lifestyle

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The spookiness of Halloween has passed, and the next major holiday to come is Thanksgiving, a day of taking time to think on all that you have to be grateful for, especially those things that you may have begun to take for granted. Business owners are among those who should be the most receptive to this idea, since in business, the stress of the day to day can often overshadow the major milestones that entrepreneurs accomplish. Taking the time to bask in the glow of accomplishment is something that can get cut short by the arrival of your next task or even the appearance of a sudden setback, so the fact that there is a whole holiday devoted to positive self reflection is something that business owners should readily embrace. Beyond Thanksgiving, remembering to be thankful for what you have and have accomplished is simply a healthy thing to do, allowing you to be more realistic about where you stand in relation to your short and long term goals.

1) Think of where you are in relation to when you began your business journey. When you look back to last week and you realize you still haven’t reviewed your invoices, it creates the false perception that you are not making the forward progress you need to make to be successful. On the one hand, if you find that your business planning is not coming into line with the goals that you need to hit, you can take steps to work on your organization. On the other hand, the odds are strong that in relation to when you took your first steps on the road to becoming a small business owner, the difference is night and day compared to where you are now in lessons learned (some the easy way, others the hard way). Don’t forget to realize that you have made forward progress. Sometimes all it takes is a little perspective to show you how far you have really come along.

2) Recognize the good people around you. The employees of your business, your partners, the strong supplier relationships, the involved mentor, even the compassionate friend who is a great listener, most business owners will have at least one of these figures in their close circles. Take the time to reach out and let them know that you appreciate them and everything they have done for you. In business as in life, relationships that are important deserve to be maintained.

3) Appreciate the benefits of small business ownership. Most small business owners get into being their own boss because of the benefits that come along with the lifestyle; the ability to make your own choices, be your own boss, and to some extent at least, set your own hours. You are given the ability to create a balanced lifestyle for yourself, something that you have given yourself and a gift that should not be taken for granted. Enjoy who you are, and the fact that the choices you make are your own. They won’t always be right, they won’t always be wrong either, but they will always be able to teach you lessons that you can apply to both personal and business growth.

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