3 Tricks for Writing a Slogan

by / Thursday, 31 July 2014 / Published in Small Business Marketing

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Depending on the type of business they are running, business owners may or may not have the need for a slogan that can be associated with their brand. However, for some businesses, a slogan presents a simple way of getting people to remember them when they find themselves in the need of their products or services. A slogan can encapsulate the personality of brand along with their logo; the same sense of personality that they should inject into their copy and design.

1) Tell it to a partner, employee or friend and see if they remember it. One of the keys to a slogan’s effectiveness is how memorable it is. A simple way to test out this trait is by mentioning your slogan to a few people and then seeing if they can remember it later on when you ask them. You can ask a few people, asking them to remember it, and then have a control where you simply mention it without explicitly stating that is should be remembered. If you find that people can easily recall what the slogan was, odds are good that it is memorable enough to work well for your brand.

2) Describe your brand in one word. Now put that word into your slogan. A slogan that is catchy but has nothing to do with your business won’t do your brand much good in the long run. It’s a much better idea to create a slogan around the core value proposition of your brand as opposed to the other way around.

3) Keep it to one sentence. A slogan can be longer than a single sentence, but the longer you make it, the harder it becomes to remember. As a rule of thumb, it’s better to keep your slogan short. Not only will it be more simple for someone to recall down the road, it will also be a lot easier to fit onto branded items along with a logo.

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