3 Tips on Designing a Fresh Logo for your Small Business

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One great thing about small businesses is the fact that as a business owner, you are able to constantly reinvent yourself and your brand. Reasons for doing so are many, and range from a desire to attract more customers, create some new buzz around an older business or just because you think a new look is what you need to get your employees energized. Sometimes, you will have inherited or purchased a business whose former owner had different tastes than yourself and you want to make your personal mark on it by changing the logo. It’s also possible that you are interested in creating some logo designs for use on themed days like holidays or during special sales, in which case you could be designing multiple logos all at once for a wide variety of uses. Whatever your reason for switching things up, when creating a new symbol that your business will be recognized by, it helps to put some extra thought into the process in order to get it right the first time. While changing a logo has its uses, doing it too regularly can create some real problems for a brand.

Whatever you choose to use, make it easy to spot. As an example of this principle, in the middle ages, the colors of a particular family would follow a strict code, the aim of which was to make each design uniquely identifiable. You should think along similar lines when creating a logo for your small business. You may like the design theme of a competitor’s brand, but if you follow their design too closely, you run the risk of being confused with them in the mind of a consumer. Additionally, if you create something too outlandish and complicated, it may turn out to be expensive to print, difficult to scale in size and potentially too much for a consumer to take in. A good logo will be eye catching with a design that is relatively simple but strikes a memorable chord.

Be careful when selecting colors and symbols. Depending on your industry, you will have more or less leeway in terms of the colors and symbols you can use in your logo. A tattoo shop is probably going to be able to get away with a lot more color and symbols packed into a logo than an accounting firm, while a trendy marketing group will probably fall more in between the two. If in doubt, fall back to a more conservative design. A simple, professional looking business logo is like a business suit; if it is well tailored to your individual business, odds are it will look good no matter what industry you are in. When choosing a symbol that will represent your business, you are going to need to verify that what you choose in the end is not overly complicated and does not carry any external negative connotations. It’s good to think of at least three different options to choose from in the event that the one you like in not a workable choice for whatever reason. That being said, a touch of a bold color or an interesting symbol can do a lot to focus attention on your brand, since pictures can be worth a lot in digital marketing in particular. The trick is not going overboard and limiting yourself to only a couple of bold details.

Look at some examples for inspiration. A good logo might come to you only after you are inspired by seeing some others out there, but don’t limit yourself to only looking at competing logo designs. Inspiration for a visual marker can come from many different sources. Think about what your business stands for and represents to you, then look at things that remind you of it for inspiration. For example, a French bakery that is looking for a branding update might want to look at historical French designs, such as famous prints from the South of France, album covers and design books in order to get inspiration for a logo rooted in tradition with a  modern twist.

Photo Credit to VFS Digital Design on Flickr

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