3 Tips for Small Business Owners Guest Blogging for the First Time

by / Friday, 09 May 2014 / Published in Small Business Marketing

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The expertise of a business owner is itself a valuable tool for use when content marketing and brainstorming ways to gain brand exposure. Guest blogging is a popular way for business owners to put themselves out there while forging industry partnerships with the potential to amplify the effects of their marketing. If it’s a business owner’s first time around, however, they might not be fully confident that they are doing things correctly. Ideally, they will already have gained some experience managing their own blog, but if not, that is still alright. Using their expertise and the following three suggestions, business owners can make the most out of guest blogging opportunities.

1) Be true to yourself and your voice. Writing great content is a marriage of science and art. Your knowledge of your industry and some SEO practices comprise the science, while the art is your ability to write something that is engaging and accurately reflects your brand. Regardless of what type of article you are writing, you should be able to present and explain your perspective. Trying to sound like someone else runs the danger of being botched, and best case, you will come off as an imitator. It’s much better to be unique, or at least genuine.

2) That being said, don’t be afraid to ask for advice. If you are not sure how to handle your guest blogging responsibility, you can always ask for suggestions from the host of the blog that you are going to be writing for. They are generally able to comment on what it is they are looking for, and you can also look at the posts made by previous guests on their blog which may be able to help you to get a better idea of how you can create a unique contribution.

3) Leave the door open for future collaboration. When you write a guest blog, you are creating the first part of a partnership with another business that you can both benefit from. Content with an expert opinion backing it is not always easy to come by, and the collaborating business’s marketing channels can benefit your own brand when you are sharing your voice with them, so you both can stand to win. In the same way that you would want to know about the integrity of a business that you would place an important order with, you should also check on the integrity of a business that features your writing on their blog. Take care to pick positive partners, and guest blogging holds great potential for getting your voice and branding out there.

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