3 Tips for Fighting Fatigue as a Business Owner

by / Wednesday, 17 September 2014 / Published in Business Lifestyle

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Running a small business is a marathon, not a sprint, so avoiding fatigue and burn out is essential in order to allow yourself  to effectively manage your endeavors. Fatigue isn’t something that you plan for, it often arrives in the middle of important work, when you have been pushing yourself for a while and finally receive signals from your mind and body that are hard to ignore. Combating fatigue is possible through long and short term strategies, but in order to prevent it as much as possible, a combination of both is recommended. Balance is an essential principle in both management and life, and without it, you run the risk of putting both yourself and your business into a corner.

1) Get the sleep that you need. The amount of sleep that a person needs each night to be effective can vary, but the commonly accepted “optimal” number of sleep hours per day is eight for an average person. You may or may not be a natural morning person, but if you are finding it increasingly difficult to drag yourself out of bed, you should either try to reshuffle your schedule to move work to earlier time slots, or you should at the very least try to get higher quality sleep by keeping work activities out of your bedroom, avoiding consuming caffeine later in the day, and muting your communication devices while you are sleeping to avoid being woken up.

2) Make sure you are getting the nutrition that you need. When you get tired, it may be because you are simply running out of the fuel that your body needs, which is nutritious food. The difference between drinking a large amount of coffee to kick you into gear in the morning and eating actual food is that when the buzz from the caffeine wears off, you may feel even more tired than you did before, while actual food with substance has the ability to provide you with energy for the entire morning. You might think that you can cut corners by skipping breakfast, lunch, or both, but over time this will take a toll on you, especially should your tolerance to caffeine increase and coffee no longer have the same effect on you.

3) Make sure that you are delegating tasks effectively. The way that you handle your schedule can have a major impact on what you are able to get done and in what time frame you are able to do it. Eliminating tasks that you don’t need to do yourself is one way to focus more on the major priorities that only you are able to handle as the owner of your business. Delegating to your team instead of handling everything that comes your way personally is a very important part of management, since you will not only overload yourself by doing this, but you will also create a bottleneck for the rest of your team by positioning yourself as the sole conduit for work to flow through. Instead, become effective at assigning priority and know what team members excel at handling each type of task.

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