3 Steps to Writing a Great “About Us” Section for your Small Business

by / Wednesday, 14 May 2014 / Published in Small Business Marketing

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When writing about your own business, it can be hard to know where to start not because you don’t have anything to say, but because you want to say so much. Figuring out what your consumer wants to hear, and getting past everything that you want to say is the first step to being able to create a concise and interesting summary of your business.

Identify what problem your business solves for your customers. Your business exists to fulfill a need on the part of your client. The question is, what is that need, and how do you go about solving it? This is the core proposition at the heart of your business plan and should be highlighted in your description of your business towards the very begging of the paragraph. Like writing an essay, you should begin your about section with a strong attention grabbing proposal that is reinforced by the proof you submit after.

Include the key facts about your business. This is the area where business owners are often tempted to go overboard. For the purposes of a succinct description, it’s really too much to list nine or ten reasons why your business is unique and great. Keeping your list of points no longer than four or five will spare your readers and get your main ideas across just fine. If you are having trouble thinking of only a few major points regarding your business, then you may want to organize your thoughts on paper by drawing an outline and filling it in.

Remember to use correct grammar and punctuation, and keep your description organized. While, depending on your clientele your description’s language will me more business oriented or more colloquial, you should be sure not to break any major rules of the English language. It reflects poorly on your business to have typos in your boilerplate description. While a typo in one blog post is not the end of the world, a typo in your “about” section will be a lot more noticeable, and since it directly describes your business, it is more likely to be associated with it. After opening your description with your “thesis” describing what you do, include the date you were founded, then move on to the relevant points that you picked out earlier. Close with a summarizing line that revisits your main purpose, and then edit to taste.

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